Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finger Painting

I bought finger paint. I could not wait any longer. I want my baby to use his imagination and have fun creating beautiful things for my walls.

He picked his colors that he wanted first.

Although, I don't really think he realized that he was picking colors?

He was more concerned about getting the paint on his hands than putting it on the paper.

He loved it! He didn't taste it but it is better than grape jelly on his hands. Can you see the delight?

I thought he was finally getting into it and going to put his own hand prints down.

Instead he decided to take off.

Then he stood on his painting. The paint is super sticky as it dries.

So I sat him off to the side and tried again.

He really only cared about what he was getting on himself.

I think there is more paint on my floor than on the paper.

Once again he stood up and was enthralled by his hands and the plate.

And he took off. Luckily the finger paint dries really fast and there was no foot prints.

I hope he is grasping the finer points of painting and art appreciation.

We had a lot of fun. Dad cleaned the floor while I cleaned Tyler and we have our first baby work of art to go on the refrigerator.


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