Thursday, February 10, 2011

Accidents Happen

This makes me so sad and I hate to post this.

Please don't judge me for taking this picture.

Just know that we made sure he was okay first.

We were cleaning the basement, and he had been walking around playing with his little toy car and wagon. Then he noticed something just outside the garage door. He took his first step out and fell flat on his face in the dirt and gravel. We saw it happening but just could not get to him in time.

Tony ran to pick him up as I ran upstairs to get a wash cloth. I also grabbed the camera. I was dreading to see the result of his fall. By the time I made it back down to the basement he was calming down from crying.

This was his first big boo boo.

Poor boy ate dirt for sure. I washed his face and wiped dirt off of his tongue.

Just minutes after his tumble he was running around the basement again.

All things were made even better with a wagon ride with Tucker.

His nose is healing nicely and this has not stopped him from running around and pushing his limits. I just hope the next time I am within reach to shield him just a little.


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