Monday, February 28, 2011

Playing Trains with Daddy

We set up a play room for Tyler this past weekend. His room and my living room were filling a little too quickly with toys. They were piling up so much so that I could not find places to put them, and Tyler could not really enjoy them.

We received this train table from a friend and we had yet to set it up for Tyler. He was thrilled he had very little train toys and we love hand-me-downs.

Please ignore that he is half dressed and has a dingy bib with grape jelly on it. He just was not going to wait any longer to see what dad was building. Pants had to wait.

Dad started showing him how the crane worked. The magnets were very interesting.

So far the room is a success and Tyler enjoys it so much. I love having my house clean and this is a great arrangement for everyone.


Friday, February 25, 2011

"Oh No! He's Gonna Eat Your Finger!!!"

Well that is what I was telling Tyler.

The fat man at Asiana was probably just laughing but it was much more fun pretending he was biting our fingers off.

And I wonder why Tyler thinks it is so funny to bite me?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Situation Got Out of Control

I had the best idea with finger painting. Put him in his highchair. Genius!

That way I can keep him in one spot and control the mess.

Oh wait.

How does it manage to move up to his mouth? I was trying so hard to keep this controlled but fun.

He liked it and really began to understand that he could make a mess.

You don't realize how much he touches his mouth until his fingers have paint.

The minute I try to take a picture of the process of his art work he decides to touch his mouth again.

I tell him no not your mouth, so of course he thinks, oh you mean my ear.

I tell him no again and he goes back to his mouth. 

I could feel the chaos creeping in. He was getting a rise out of me and he was enjoying it.

I tried to reinforce that the paper was for painting not him.

You mean...

like this?
Or like this? 

At this point, I was throwing the camera down to grab his hands and get him out of his highchair.

He was smirking.

He smirked the whole time I tried to clean him up.

Dad is so funny.

He's got enough reinforcement now that he thinks his finger paint is face paint. I gasp and make funny faces. Why would he want to paint the other way? Not to mention that Dad was laughing the whole time.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Things my little guy has out grown...

His baby carseat. We are now in a bigger boy car seat.

Baby bath tub. He is now all over the big bath tub.

Gerber Puffs. Now that he has table food they just don't compare.

Bottles. Thank goodness, I hate to wash bottles.

Bassinet. He just never really liked it in the first place.

Two huge Rubbermade tubs of clothes. Most outfits were worn once maybe twice.

Diapers. I have few packs of newborn diapers that he out grew before he was a week old.

His baby mobile. He loved it but it had to come down because he would try to swing from it.

His baby swing. I think he out grew it before I realized it. The motor is now broke and it will not swing.

Baby Walker. It seemed like he only enjoyed his walker for about a month.

I have even more stuff to move to the attic now. This is becoming a monthly process for us, but at least my house has less clutter. I have a feeling there will be more to replace the things that are leaving though.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

He Grows and Breaks My Heart

I look at my little boy and I see with everyday that he is growing taller and leaner. Those little cheeks are still adorable and oh so sweet but he is just growing straight up and down. I miss the little baby rolls. He still has a few but they are disappearing fast.

Look at him coming around the corner carrying his balloon. If he did not have the bib on he would look like a 5 year old! I am tearing up just thinking about him growing.

Look at this sweet little boy face. He is in his overhauls and cute little tennis shoes, and I just can't get over how tall he is getting. The fact that he has a mouth full of teeth and such an adorable smile... oh there is such a deep pain in my chest.

I can't breath...

I can ask him questions like, " Where did Mema and Papa go?" He then turns around and goes to the door that they left from and knocks and waves. His comprehension amazes me.

I can ask him for a kiss, and he comes to me, leans forward, so I can kiss his forehead.

I have to stop being so sentimental with some of this stuff but everything reminds me that time is not standing still. Also it breaks Tyler's heart when I cry, that makes me upset, and then we are both snotty nosed crying messes.


Monday, February 21, 2011

I Can Eat All By Myself

Independence is a wonderful thing. He is learning that he can tell me he does not want to eat certain things.

He can choose which foods and feed himself just fine, yet this is not always a speedy process.

Learning to balance the food on a fork or spoon is pretty hard. Sometimes he refuses to eat anything until he gets a fork in his hand. Once he is concentrating on that fork and getting something on it he does not pay attention to anything else.

I am trying to see this as a good thing, but it is hard to see that your child already does not want your help. I thought this came around the 2 to 3 year old stage. I do enjoy watching his process though and he is getting better at this with every meal.

He is such a cool kid.


Friday, February 18, 2011

I Don't Want to Go to Bed!

After being sick with a cold and playing all day, I just knew that kiddo would be ready to crash for the night.

I was wrong.

Usually he follows me around until I pick him up to go to bed.

He had other plans. He went to his little corner of the living room and plopped down and started playing all by his self. It was really sweet to watch, but he had no intention of going to bed.

He just wanted to cook and pretend all alone.
It was 9 o'clock before he was begging me to pick him up. Even then he did not really want to go to bed.

It was a long night.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finger Painting

I bought finger paint. I could not wait any longer. I want my baby to use his imagination and have fun creating beautiful things for my walls.

He picked his colors that he wanted first.

Although, I don't really think he realized that he was picking colors?

He was more concerned about getting the paint on his hands than putting it on the paper.

He loved it! He didn't taste it but it is better than grape jelly on his hands. Can you see the delight?

I thought he was finally getting into it and going to put his own hand prints down.

Instead he decided to take off.

Then he stood on his painting. The paint is super sticky as it dries.

So I sat him off to the side and tried again.

He really only cared about what he was getting on himself.

I think there is more paint on my floor than on the paper.

Once again he stood up and was enthralled by his hands and the plate.

And he took off. Luckily the finger paint dries really fast and there was no foot prints.

I hope he is grasping the finer points of painting and art appreciation.

We had a lot of fun. Dad cleaned the floor while I cleaned Tyler and we have our first baby work of art to go on the refrigerator.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Playing Ball in the Yard

Please ignore the brown yard.

We were playing outside in the wagon and chasing Tucker around the yard.

He was working hard to throw the ball and then retrieve it. I was just enjoying the slightly warm sunshine.

Then he tripped and once again ate some dirt.

I know I said that I hoped this would not happen again, especially so soon. Alas, Super Mom I am not.

Luckily the dead grass eased his fall and he took this opportunity to take a closer look.

It sure does not resemble the grass he played in during the summer. Remember this post.

We are all ready for those sunny summer days and green grass.