Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Water Hazards Around the House

His bath time was his introduction to water. He still loves his bath and enjoys splashing and drinking the water. He doesn't even mind when I dump water over his head to wash his hair, and he thinks the suds on my hands are fascinating. He will touch them crinkle up his nose and laugh. Even when he is in the worst of moods a bath is the solution. He even enjoyed a short bath when he was sick.

Here he is playing in the bowl while sitting in a puddle of water.
Tucker's water bowl was the next source of water to be found. Once he could walk around without the walker he was hooked on finding the bowl. If we don't pay attention and place the bowls on the counter he will be in them instantly. He has dunked his bat, blocks, socks, and himself in a puddle of water. Poor Tucker has to beg to get a drink of water, and I can only leave his bowl on the floor during nap time.

Bathroom Toilets, was somewhere around this time as well. After a while he realized he could get into his bathroom with his walker if he pushed forward over the rug. There he found the toilet. He managed to drop a few toys in it but so far I have not had him play in it. Thank goodness, although if you are in the master bathroom and discourage him from playing with the hair dryer he immediately sets his sights on the toilet.

Also notice, just a few feet away, the half dead bamboo plant full of more water.
Faucet to the master bathroom garden tub is now on his radar. If he sees our bedroom door open he pushes it open and then goes for the bathroom. If we follow him he makes no stops on the way to this faucet and turns on the hot water. He is always so proud of himself and tries to reach for the water, if he can't reach he runs to go get a toy to stick in the flow of water so he can reach. He giggles and laughs as you turn it off and then fusses as you drag him out of the bathroom.

The most recent discovery is my bamboo plant. I have been trying to kill this plant for years, but Tony goes behind me and gives it more water to help it survive. Just a week ago, Tony filled it full of water and it took Tyler all of two days to realize this. He does not dip his hand in though. No, he takes one of the smaller heart measuring cups from Target and dips it in and dumps the water out on the floor. Little booger is too smart for his own good. The good of this, is now I have a true reason to throw this ugly plant out.

Solutions to hazards so far: Bathrooms remain behind closed doors, Tucker gets water during sleep times for Tyler and during family meals, and the bamboo plant is getting thrown out. Tyler will be given his fill of water play time during his bath and hopefully this summer with his pool.



Anonymous said...

Hopefully we can help little man with his water addiction. Madeleine is having yet another pool party. Feb. 19th from 2 to 5. Will send out invites soon!

Regina Williams said...

He will love being able to get in a pool again. He is a splashing fool right now. I have to keep a towel on the floor next to the bath tub. It might be getting out of hand, but I can't stop his having fun time.