Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trying to Gain Independence

I love that Tyler is showing interest in feeding himself with utensils. It shows me that he watches me and Tony and he would like to do the same as us. It is amazing at the details that he pays attention to. It's also pretty scary. What if he learns my bad habits too?

As I watched him it scared me how well he could guide the fork with biscuit and gravy to his mouth. He even got the food on there all by his self. What a big boy.

After taking a bite he went in for more. This time proved a little harder, and I thought maybe that was just beginners luck the first time.

Here is concentrating really hard and trying to snag some using both of his hands on the fork.

I was so impressed with his concentration at this point.

Oh well, it just was not happening fast enough for him I guess. The picture is a little off because I am trying to hurry snap the picture and grab for the bowl before it becomes Tucker's breakfast.

I tried giving him a bite with his fork but each time he would snatch the fork away, and immediately try again to feed himself. He would get only tiny little bites. I can only imagine this process to be like eating crab legs. In the end you are frustrated and starved.

I decided to lend a hand and fed him some with a spoon because breakfast was running a little too long at this point. He did not mind this as long as I did not take his fork. 

Now clean up...

I am not excited about.

He had biscuit all in his lap and he had it all over his hands.

Learning experiences are rarely mistake free though and I keep reminding myself that it will all wipe off in the end.


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