Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Target Dollar Section

I love the Target dollar section. As soon as you enter Target it beckons you with colorful items that are cute and impulse buys. We went to Target after Christmas, as usual, to check out the Christmas decorations that are 50% off. The first thing we look at is the dollar section. There might be something I can't live without!

Well of course there was! Red, heart-shaped measuring cups and spoons, and a black bucket.

I could see myself cooking wonderful cookies with these, and the bucket for cleaning around the house or washing the car. For a dollar each it was a steal!

The darling little cups and spoons have yet to make it to my utensil drawer, and the bucket is in my living room holding a few of his Christmas toys.

Tyler has decided they are his. We put some of his barnyard animals in them or bang them like drums.

Or as he demonstrates here we make mom a delightful something or other.

Maybe I have a little chef or baker here. He is very serious about stirring this cup.

I get more joy out of watching him play with my items than me getting to use them. I think?

Tyler won't let me stir.


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