Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Story Time in a Tent

Tent? Check. Teddy? Check. Books? Check.

I set up Thomas the tent on the queen size bed that is in Tyler's play room. I thought this would be fun for Tyler to play in. It has now been there for over a week and Tyler will not allow it to be removed. Now even our story time must occasionally take place inside the tent.

I grab the books, sometimes a blanket, and Teddy. We squeeze ourselves into this tiny 2 room tent set up and have our story time. It gets a little rough and Tyler likes to move around a lot which usually means a knee to my ribs or an elbow to my eye. Thank goodness Teddy is soft and gentle to me.

As you can see when I stretch out I take up both little rooms in the tent. Getting out is usually the problem for me. I can crawl in with relative ease but somehow getting out causes me to collapse the tent.

Regardless, we get our stories read and Tyler has fun enjoying a new location for his bedtime routine. He then gets entertained as he watches me crawl out of the tent. It is a fun way to end his day and then to go to sleep.

Tyler I love you so very much, and I hope you know that I go to great lengths to make your childhood the very best it can be.

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