Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Moving the Bat From One Drawer to Another

He really loves this little blue bat that his cousins gave him.

What ever toy he drags to the kitchen goes in his drawer because I am lazy, and I refuse to carry it to another room just for it to appear back in the kitchen.

Anyways, Tyler pulled this bat from his kitchen drawer. He took one look at it, smiled and went straight to the living room. I knew what he was going to do so I grabbed my camera.

You always want to document the funny little quirks your kid's have because who knows what they are thinking. I hope one day he can tell me why he does this, and I can show him some of the weird things he would do with his toys.

He goes straight to my old antique sewing machine, pulls out this drawer, and it is always this drawer, and proceeds to push the bat back and forth like he is stirring.

He smiled at Tony and ran back into the kitchen leaving the bat right here.

I am so confused and hopefully one day he can explain himself.

I also want to know why he let's the little black sheep drive the toy tractor and not the horse? 

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