Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Tyler!

My baby is "1" year old today. I am happy and sad.

Happy because he is healthy and happy and growing into such a sweet little boy.

Sad because time is just going a little too fast.

We had cake for breakfast and he enjoyed being sang too.

He is already starting to want independence by feeding himself with his Thomas fork.

The cake is called Pig Cake. It has mandarin oranges and pineapple in it, which he loved.

He demolished the large piece we gave him. I might have helped him eat it too. It was yummy.

It took a while to clean him up. He thought it was funny to smear cake all over the faucet and sink before I could clean his hands. It will be so much fun at his birthday party when he gets chocolate cake.

I love this child so much. Happy Birthday baby! I love you!!!


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