Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to Tyler!

We celebrated Tyler's Birthday today with the whole family. There were some that could not be there. I blame the snow, which caused Saturday school, work to make up for lost time, and sickness. It was no fair, and we missed those that could not be there. Regardless,we partied on and had a wonderful time with family, and Tyler enjoyed the attention from everyone.

I had told myself to not go to crazy but this was a celebration of us making it through our first year together.

It was so much fun preparing for the party. Just as we thought Tyler could really care less but I wanted him to look back and see what a fun party he had.

We had activity mats for the kid's and orange cone drink cups. Maybe I had a little too much fun?

Tyler just enjoyed having everyone there to celebrate with him.He is very special to all of us.

Tony and I had worked so hard all morning. We really didn't get to look at ourselves and primp. Tony had just shoveled snow off of the back steps for everyone. Then only two people came that way. Thanks Honey, regardless it was nice of you to do that.

Tyler sat back in awe as people kept filing in and bringing presents. I don't think this house has ever had this many people in it. Well at least not since he was born.

Can you see the little bit of hair sticking straight up on top of his head? I could not get it to lay down. He woke up in the morning with it.

Here he was checking out his present laden wagon. He had already seen one present and tried to get it out.

Here he is with Uncle Jay. His Aunt Kim stuffed lot's of tissue paper in the presents and he was loving it. Uncle Jay would let him reach down and try to grab presents. It was so much fun to watch his excitement.

I went a simple route of sandwiches with fresh deli meat. It seemed to be a big hit. Papaw liked the pickles. I saw him go back for seconds.

One of his first gifts was this bear hat. Uncle Jay's girl friend had just visited New York City and bought it for him there. They also bought him 3 pounds of animal crackers. Uncle Jay always snacks on a few with Tyler when he visits so they are kinda for him too.

Next was Aunt Joan's present. He was thrilled. It was a tractor which he loves.

He immediately made his tractor noises and grabbed for the steering wheel. He was disappointed for me to take it and set it to the side to open the other gifts.

Here he is tearing into Aunt Kim's gift. He loved throwing the tissue paper. Aunt Kim and Uncle Jim bought him shoes and and an outfit and a remote control firetruck. I think he loves the remote control better than the truck right now.

Now, Memaw and Papaw bought him a lawn mower and he loves it. He pushes and pulls and it makes noises too. He is just thrilled with all of his gifts they were all so perfect and fitting for our little guy. I wished I could put a picture of everything but he really received so many wonderful toys, books, clothes, food, stuffed animals, and cards with money for his savings account. Thank you everyone for all of the gifts. It made his day so special.

But we could not end the day without cake!

He had a piece of cake on his actual birthday, but nothing this sweet and chocolaty. We stripped him down to his diaper so he would be easier to clean.

It took him a while to figure out how to go about it, but he figured it out soon enough though and dug in mouth first. I have a video of this whole process that I hope to post soon.

After a little while he got tired and rubbed his face and the cake was all over him then but he continued to eat little bites. Have you noticed the cake with all the machines digging into it. Tony decorated the cake, and I think he did a great job.

Of course you need milk to wash it down, and he drank plenty while I served everyone cake.

I think everyone had a good time. Including Tyler. He was so tired in this picture but he refused to take a nap. I think he was afraid he would miss something even though everyone was gone by then.

So we just let him play and play with all of his toys. Here he is mowing in the kitchen. He is our little sweetheart and I think he had a wonderful Birthday for sure. Thanks to everyone who helped out and came. Thank you for loving our little boy so much. We love you all and we can't wait to celebrate many more Birthday's with all of you.


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