Thursday, January 20, 2011

First Time Asleep in His High Chair

I just thought a day or so ago to myself, "I always see kid's falling asleep in their highchairs? Tyler has never came close to doing that? What's his deal? It would be such a cute post to the blog."

As Tony and I were talking over supper we noticed his eyelids were getting heavy. He usually makes lots of noise and definitely eats plenty so there is no time for sleep.

This time though he was not happy to eat his pasta and chicken. He was happy just to sit back and listen.

Tony and I both took note that if we stopped talking he would become more alert. So we continued our small talk and let him drift off.

His little head started bobbing up and down. To help him, I tilted his seat back and turned to Tony and we dined alone. He was sacked out for 20 or 30 minutes as we finished supper and cleaned up the kitchen.

He didn't mind when I dropped a pan in the sink, and he did not mind that I rattled glasses in the dish washer. He was so tired he just kept on sleeping.

Then because it was so close to his bed time I woke him up. He was not happy at all. It took me over 2 minutes just to calm him down so he could finish his supper.

I have my cute photos, and honestly I would not mind if he fell asleep again like this, but I would rather him get a decent nap instead. I enjoy all of us getting to eat and be happy together. Although it was really nice to eat and get to focus on Tony for a change.


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