Friday, January 28, 2011

Cooking and Appreciation Lessons with Tyler

I am very blessed to get to learn so much from Tyler, but it is also fun to teach him new things. Appreciation is sometimes the hardest thing to understand, so I thought I would work on some mini-lessons.

The definition of appreciation according to Merriam-Webster is: an ability to understand the worth, quality, or importance of something or a full awareness or understanding of something.

The pots below have given him countless hours of entertainment and I think he understands more than I ever thought he would at his age.  

They are beautiful aren't they. Shiny and new. Ready for use in the kitchen and his imagination.

Once I saw him stirring and already copying what he sees me do in the kitchen I decided to take the lesson one step further. I wished I had play food but this entertains him just the same. I wanted him to gain a connection to where food starts from, or gain an appreciation for where it all begins. Please don't laugh too hard. I'm trying at least.

I would like to introduce you to Mommy's Cooking Lesson.

This is what we are cooking today. 

What? Your food doesn't smile at you?

Remember, this is just pretend! You thought this was going to be a serious post on food appreciation?


I'm trying to teach a 1 year old basic stuff on cooking. The animals provide something to have in the pot. If he eventually gets that a hamburger comes from a cow and bacon comes from a pig, then I will delve deeper into lessons of where our food comes from and ethical consumerism. For now, we are working on motor skills; Place chicken in pot, lid on pot, and have fun banging spoon on a lid.

Now on with this fun cooking lesson.

We will start with country fried chicken and yummy lamb chops.

In the oven we will have a lovely roast beef to round out the lesson.

Tyler will be showing you techniques we use.

Here he demonstrates "mise en place," putting in place all the ingredients to complete our meal. 

Here he warns that even the lid gets hot so be careful. Now, don't forget lids also make great sounds by clapping, banging spoons on them, and oh yeah they are also for covering the food that is cooking.

Every TV chef has personalities that are over the top. Here is Tyler's impression of Chef Gordan Ramsey. He's telling me to get out of his kitchen.

Now he is getting down to cooking. Stirring and concentrating hard.

I think it is about done. Oh I can't wait to try his yummy creation.

Of course he is tasting to make sure it doesn't need more seasoning before serving.

Wait! Save mommy some! Don't eat it all!

It must be delicious. He didn't save me even a bite. I think the next cooking lesson will be on sharing. He usually at least offers me a taste.


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