Monday, January 31, 2011

He Does this Right Under Our Noses

As Tony and I were making supper we were talking about our day and laughing at Tyler run in circles around the kitchen island. I usually leave the pantry door open because it entertains Tyler. He can grab a bag of rice or a box that rattles and he thinks he is so special.

At the time I did not think anything of him standing over at the pantry concentrating on something inside.


I guess he was opening a container of his cereal.

Because he quickly plopped down in the floor and squealed with delight at his luck and dove in with both hands.

Supper must have been taking too long. He crammed his mouth full of cereal and smiled at me and Tony.

I didn't freak out too much because it was funny, but I did stop him from throwing more cereal everywhere. I told him to concentrate on what he had so far.

Tucker came over and started to clean up the floor too.

The cereal must now be placed on a higher shelf in the pantry since he can get into the container.

As he got up to leave I about fell over laughing. He had managed to take more with him for later.

As they would drop off his pants, he would hear them hit the floor, so he would quickly pick them up and try to eat them. I tried to explain to him that he had enough for now, and then proceeded to take off his pants.

Most of the cereal fell off, but this is what was left. You see where the little colorful marshmallow used to be on his pants. I can see at least 5 spots missing cereal.

Oh, by the way, I did not let him eat all of that cereal in the floor. It was swept up, and the cereal container is now on the top shelf of the pantry.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Cooking and Appreciation Lessons with Tyler

I am very blessed to get to learn so much from Tyler, but it is also fun to teach him new things. Appreciation is sometimes the hardest thing to understand, so I thought I would work on some mini-lessons.

The definition of appreciation according to Merriam-Webster is: an ability to understand the worth, quality, or importance of something or a full awareness or understanding of something.

The pots below have given him countless hours of entertainment and I think he understands more than I ever thought he would at his age.  

They are beautiful aren't they. Shiny and new. Ready for use in the kitchen and his imagination.

Once I saw him stirring and already copying what he sees me do in the kitchen I decided to take the lesson one step further. I wished I had play food but this entertains him just the same. I wanted him to gain a connection to where food starts from, or gain an appreciation for where it all begins. Please don't laugh too hard. I'm trying at least.

I would like to introduce you to Mommy's Cooking Lesson.

This is what we are cooking today. 

What? Your food doesn't smile at you?

Remember, this is just pretend! You thought this was going to be a serious post on food appreciation?


I'm trying to teach a 1 year old basic stuff on cooking. The animals provide something to have in the pot. If he eventually gets that a hamburger comes from a cow and bacon comes from a pig, then I will delve deeper into lessons of where our food comes from and ethical consumerism. For now, we are working on motor skills; Place chicken in pot, lid on pot, and have fun banging spoon on a lid.

Now on with this fun cooking lesson.

We will start with country fried chicken and yummy lamb chops.

In the oven we will have a lovely roast beef to round out the lesson.

Tyler will be showing you techniques we use.

Here he demonstrates "mise en place," putting in place all the ingredients to complete our meal. 

Here he warns that even the lid gets hot so be careful. Now, don't forget lids also make great sounds by clapping, banging spoons on them, and oh yeah they are also for covering the food that is cooking.

Every TV chef has personalities that are over the top. Here is Tyler's impression of Chef Gordan Ramsey. He's telling me to get out of his kitchen.

Now he is getting down to cooking. Stirring and concentrating hard.

I think it is about done. Oh I can't wait to try his yummy creation.

Of course he is tasting to make sure it doesn't need more seasoning before serving.

Wait! Save mommy some! Don't eat it all!

It must be delicious. He didn't save me even a bite. I think the next cooking lesson will be on sharing. He usually at least offers me a taste.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Taking a Break Today

Check back tomorrow for a full post. Just wanted to take a break today

Tyler - "Squiggly straw and funnel complete me."

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mommy's Little Helper

Tyler is so observant. As Tony was working on making barbecue sauce, I tried to sweep up the floor. I was constantly getting distracted or seeing something else to pick up. I then decided to move the chairs and bar stools. Tyler had been staying under my feet the whole time and I had to strategically place myself in between him, the broom, and the small pile of dirt I was sweeping.

When I abandoned the broom to move the bar stools Tyler ran for the broom. He was so excited to get the broom. He then mimicked me sweeping. He would go back and forth and try to sweep.

Here he is pulling the broom one way.

And then pushing it back to the wall.

The use of the tongue to get the job done was in order. It was a big job for such a little guy.

He slowly worked his way around the island and back and forth under the table.

He did a great job and I appreciate the fact that he notices how hard I work and that he wants to help with some of the chores around the house.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Moving the Bat From One Drawer to Another

He really loves this little blue bat that his cousins gave him.

What ever toy he drags to the kitchen goes in his drawer because I am lazy, and I refuse to carry it to another room just for it to appear back in the kitchen.

Anyways, Tyler pulled this bat from his kitchen drawer. He took one look at it, smiled and went straight to the living room. I knew what he was going to do so I grabbed my camera.

You always want to document the funny little quirks your kid's have because who knows what they are thinking. I hope one day he can tell me why he does this, and I can show him some of the weird things he would do with his toys.

He goes straight to my old antique sewing machine, pulls out this drawer, and it is always this drawer, and proceeds to push the bat back and forth like he is stirring.

He smiled at Tony and ran back into the kitchen leaving the bat right here.

I am so confused and hopefully one day he can explain himself.

I also want to know why he let's the little black sheep drive the toy tractor and not the horse? 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Taking It All In Through A Window

Tyler has started to enjoy looking out the windows of our house. There is so much to take in.

Here he is in his play room looking out at all of the snow.

I had let Tucker out earlier. I made sure he was looking out the window and watching as Tucker jumped around in the foot of snow we had received. Tyler enjoyed watching him and I could hear him yell for Tucker. He liked looking out and realizing he could see things he recognized.

He was all the more tickled when he rounded the corner and I let Tucker back in the house. 

Here he is yelling and beating the window sill as his Uncle Ted parks in the driveway. Uncle Ted has a shiny red truck with lights and he thought that was pretty awesome.

I like these pictures because he is growing so fast, and it is so cute to see him standing at a window and learning. He looks small and big at the same time. Small in size but doing something like a mature child, and big in size yet still such a baby to me.

I don't know how he can be both but it just strikes a nerve that he is growing up so fast, so I need to have a picture of him every day. Doing something of the moment because they are all flying by. 

One day I will be able to look back into this window of time and say to Tyler as we look at these pictures,

" I remember this! You were almost 1 year old here. You were discovering the world outside of your house. You loved looking out at all of the white snow, watching your dog jump around in it. You were watching your Uncle Ted come home here."

You may only see my little boy looking out a window, but I see a memory worth remembering.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Tyler Wants to be Like his Daddy

We were enjoying a lovely snow day at home.

Actually the snow really was getting old so I was trying to pass time by doing a few projects around the house. Like moving the spare bedroom around and transitioning the computer to our room.

I had vacuumed the area and left it unhooked so that I could finish up once we had things set up. Tyler came in to the room. Watched his dad work hooking up the computer and decided he wanted to do that too.

So he started working on the vacuum cleaner cords. I thought it was so sweet to watch my boys working in the floor side by side.

Tyler would even turn around to make sure he was doing it right.

Since he finished first he decided to go help daddy out next. He crawled over and would pat him on the back. Then he stole his hat and gave him lots of kisses all over his back. By the time I got Tyler off of him, so he could stand up, his back was soaked from all of the drool.

It was so sweet to see how much he loves his daddy already and how much they are alike. I think that they are going to be the best of friends.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

First Time Asleep in His High Chair

I just thought a day or so ago to myself, "I always see kid's falling asleep in their highchairs? Tyler has never came close to doing that? What's his deal? It would be such a cute post to the blog."

As Tony and I were talking over supper we noticed his eyelids were getting heavy. He usually makes lots of noise and definitely eats plenty so there is no time for sleep.

This time though he was not happy to eat his pasta and chicken. He was happy just to sit back and listen.

Tony and I both took note that if we stopped talking he would become more alert. So we continued our small talk and let him drift off.

His little head started bobbing up and down. To help him, I tilted his seat back and turned to Tony and we dined alone. He was sacked out for 20 or 30 minutes as we finished supper and cleaned up the kitchen.

He didn't mind when I dropped a pan in the sink, and he did not mind that I rattled glasses in the dish washer. He was so tired he just kept on sleeping.

Then because it was so close to his bed time I woke him up. He was not happy at all. It took me over 2 minutes just to calm him down so he could finish his supper.

I have my cute photos, and honestly I would not mind if he fell asleep again like this, but I would rather him get a decent nap instead. I enjoy all of us getting to eat and be happy together. Although it was really nice to eat and get to focus on Tony for a change.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Water Hazards Around the House

His bath time was his introduction to water. He still loves his bath and enjoys splashing and drinking the water. He doesn't even mind when I dump water over his head to wash his hair, and he thinks the suds on my hands are fascinating. He will touch them crinkle up his nose and laugh. Even when he is in the worst of moods a bath is the solution. He even enjoyed a short bath when he was sick.

Here he is playing in the bowl while sitting in a puddle of water.
Tucker's water bowl was the next source of water to be found. Once he could walk around without the walker he was hooked on finding the bowl. If we don't pay attention and place the bowls on the counter he will be in them instantly. He has dunked his bat, blocks, socks, and himself in a puddle of water. Poor Tucker has to beg to get a drink of water, and I can only leave his bowl on the floor during nap time.

Bathroom Toilets, was somewhere around this time as well. After a while he realized he could get into his bathroom with his walker if he pushed forward over the rug. There he found the toilet. He managed to drop a few toys in it but so far I have not had him play in it. Thank goodness, although if you are in the master bathroom and discourage him from playing with the hair dryer he immediately sets his sights on the toilet.

Also notice, just a few feet away, the half dead bamboo plant full of more water.
Faucet to the master bathroom garden tub is now on his radar. If he sees our bedroom door open he pushes it open and then goes for the bathroom. If we follow him he makes no stops on the way to this faucet and turns on the hot water. He is always so proud of himself and tries to reach for the water, if he can't reach he runs to go get a toy to stick in the flow of water so he can reach. He giggles and laughs as you turn it off and then fusses as you drag him out of the bathroom.

The most recent discovery is my bamboo plant. I have been trying to kill this plant for years, but Tony goes behind me and gives it more water to help it survive. Just a week ago, Tony filled it full of water and it took Tyler all of two days to realize this. He does not dip his hand in though. No, he takes one of the smaller heart measuring cups from Target and dips it in and dumps the water out on the floor. Little booger is too smart for his own good. The good of this, is now I have a true reason to throw this ugly plant out.

Solutions to hazards so far: Bathrooms remain behind closed doors, Tucker gets water during sleep times for Tyler and during family meals, and the bamboo plant is getting thrown out. Tyler will be given his fill of water play time during his bath and hopefully this summer with his pool.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trying to Gain Independence

I love that Tyler is showing interest in feeding himself with utensils. It shows me that he watches me and Tony and he would like to do the same as us. It is amazing at the details that he pays attention to. It's also pretty scary. What if he learns my bad habits too?

As I watched him it scared me how well he could guide the fork with biscuit and gravy to his mouth. He even got the food on there all by his self. What a big boy.

After taking a bite he went in for more. This time proved a little harder, and I thought maybe that was just beginners luck the first time.

Here is concentrating really hard and trying to snag some using both of his hands on the fork.

I was so impressed with his concentration at this point.

Oh well, it just was not happening fast enough for him I guess. The picture is a little off because I am trying to hurry snap the picture and grab for the bowl before it becomes Tucker's breakfast.

I tried giving him a bite with his fork but each time he would snatch the fork away, and immediately try again to feed himself. He would get only tiny little bites. I can only imagine this process to be like eating crab legs. In the end you are frustrated and starved.

I decided to lend a hand and fed him some with a spoon because breakfast was running a little too long at this point. He did not mind this as long as I did not take his fork. 

Now clean up...

I am not excited about.

He had biscuit all in his lap and he had it all over his hands.

Learning experiences are rarely mistake free though and I keep reminding myself that it will all wipe off in the end.