Friday, December 17, 2010

Tis the Season to Share

I love being home.

I love the warmth and the lights on the tree. I love that Santa is in the room. I went all out this year.

Tyler loves him.

Santa sings and dances. He shakes those hips while singing, "You better be good..." 

Tyler dances too.

The Grinch and Max are in the kitchen with my treat filled tree.

Tyler loves him too. He is a little scary to me, so next year I am afraid he will be a little too scary for Tyler.

Now, what Tyler is really enjoying lately is Tucker's toys.

We have been getting so excited about the toys for his Christmas and Birthday.

But he really focuses more on Tucker's chew toys.

He loves trying to play with Tucker.

Giving him the toy and then taking it away. Playing tug-o-war or trying to get a taste himself. I try to prevent this, yuck.

What I am wondering, is if I should have done the vast majority of my shopping for him at Petco.

I have a feeling Christmas morning will be us trying to keep his attention on his stocking and not Tucker's.


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