Wednesday, December 8, 2010

SP Imaging: Working with an 8 month old.

There were some difficulties with this photo shoot. One being lady bugs. Blasted bugs were everywhere. In my hair and just all over. I about ate one and I smelled like them after awhile, but we over came and prevailed in the end.

Our next difficulty was getting our usually smiling and happy boy to smile. Never really works trying to coax a smile when nothing is really funny. Dang bugs.

But regardless, a baby is cute. Even if they don't smile.

The expressions and faces are exactly what he is like all the time. Sweet and observant. Even if he is not looking at the camera. Which was our next obstacle.

He is completely oblivious to the camera, but every picture is precious. He wanted to check out what was going on with the grass, trees, and the church hayride behind us.

Joy that cannot be hidden. I still got him to giggle though.

I think he got hiccups after laughing this hard. 

Just sweetness in general. 

We were so tired after all the pictures. They are so worth it though.

Contact SP Imaging if you are interested in setting up a time for a photo shoot. He does amazing Senior portraits as well. Hopefully your senior has a better attention span than my little guy.

More to come this week.


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