Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On The Farm: Part III

Here he is watching his daddy in front of the tractor. The sun went down and immediately it gets really cold. So we wrapped him up in his daddy's coat and put his toboggan on.

 He knows what Papa is doing, and he is getting ready for the tractor engine to start.

He starts his tractor noises too.

They both love it.

Here you can see the old smoke stack. He loves watching it too.

Don't they look like they could be a Carhart advertisement?

Off they go.

Here they are coming back from their short ride. Papa did not tell him to wave. He just did that on his own. The little show off.

Here he is once again making tractor noises.

Papa just loves the fact that Tyler loves the tractor so much. He has dreamed of a grandchild that would love the farm as much as him.

I think his wish may be coming true.


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