Monday, December 20, 2010

Human Nature and Reverse Psychology

Why is it that you could care less about having something until someone tells you "No."

I can live without chocolate and coffee until I go on a diet or I am told I cannot have it.

I don't like to be bossed around, so I can understand a little when Tyler goes for the forbidden things.

The temptation is worth the pain. He is actually crying here. His dump truck must have poked his foot.

He passed up all these wonderful toys to get to my phone.

He is so full-filled by getting to this phone.

The joy is very evident at his success. He usually squeals with excitement.

I found him an old cell phone and cleaned it up. I removed the battery and antennae. He was thrilled for all of one day, until he realized it was not a restricted item.

I pretend to talk on it and send texts just so it makes him think it is real. I even move it from reach sometimes. Reverse psychology. One day this will not work and he will just roll his eyes at me.


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