Friday, December 3, 2010

Black Friday Shopping

I went shopping on Black Friday as I always do. This year thank God I was not pregnant. I was at Belk at 3:45 a.m. In the rain. Waiting for the doors to open so that I could possibly get a gift card. I really wanted that $1,000 gift card. They were doing this for the first 250 people through the door when they opened. I only got $5.00 though.
I went to the boot section first thing and it was insane. The ladies in that section were going crazy. I got cornered multiple times and could not turn around.

After shopping for an hour a girl from the Citizen-Times came over and asked if she could take a picture of me shopping. After taking the picture she asked me to approve it. I barely glanced at it. I mean really, it is 5 a.m., it's not going to get better with a second try. I didn't make it to the gallery. It's hard to look natural for something like that.

We met my cousins in the food court around 6 a.m. and ate breakfast from Chik-fil-a. We decided to look around the mall for just a little longer and we set off. I went into a store to look at belts and decided that I would go with Tony to Sears instead.

I called him so that he would wait on me in Belk. As I was walking through the mall I felt strange. That feeling when you know something is wrong, maybe I forgot something. I felt of my pocket: cell phone check, sale flyers check, drink check, and purse... oh crap!

I was almost to Belk at this point but I turned around and sprinted back to the food court. My hair started coming loose, so I jerked it out of it's pony tail. I'm sure people thought I was shop lifting or just crazy for getting good deals.

I was terrified. I didn't have any cash but everything was in that bag. I ran all the way to our table and there it was still on the back of the chair. I immediately dug into it to look for my wallet, and found it completely present and all cards and information accounted for.

I breathlessly went back through the food court and back up to Belk. I called Tony and told him and he laughed once he knew everything was okay.

I partially blame this on the fact that I usually have a stroller when I am in the mall and I don't have my purse on my arm. I also blame the lack of sleep and the un-godly hour that we were out and about in. I also just blame myself for being such a ditz.

Many things to be thankful for this year for sure.


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