Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What's Going on in Tyler's World

He is getting so close to crawling. He picked up his knee the other day and actually made a little progress.

He pinches. Those sweet little hands inflict major hurt and he has no idea.

He has 6 teeth and if you are not careful they will bite you in a second. Especially since he thinks he is just loving on you. Baby love bites.

He has had to cry it out and is now doing really well sleeping through the night. Last night he slept from 8:30 pm to 7:10 am. Sweet success.

He loves going in circles around the kitchen island in his walker. He can do it in about 40 seconds and Lord have mercy on your toes if you are standing in his way.

He absolutely loves his baby toothbrush. He squeals with delight at the sight of it.

When he gets his full nap and wakes up on his own he jabbers and talks to himself until you come and check on him. If he wakes up crying you know he did not get a good full nap.

He loves ice chips and begs for more. We found this out after his first boo boo.

Anything that turns or has wheels gets him to making the tractor noise. Ultimately he turns over said object to turn the wheels himself. I think this is a boy thing. He loves riding Papa's tractor on the farm too.

He also squeals in delight at the sight of his baby Tylenol. He loves the bottle but also loves taking his medicine when he is teething. Taking away his toothbrush or Tylenol bottle elicits a small temper tantrum.

He is picking up small objects and putting them in his mouth. We found a rock in his mouth the other day and a small piece of wood just yesterday. I need to get on his level more often, he is finding everything!

He has not been sick yet! He is now 9.5 months old and not even a runny nose. We are very blessed.

He jabbers "yay yay yay yay" and "ga ga ga ga" while playing in the floor.

He has a baby doll named Sissy at his Mema's house. She blinks and he is obsessed with her eyelashes. Her left eye has no eyelashes now.

He loves his dog Tucker and watches and studies every move he makes. Tucker be very afraid when he starts to walk and crawl.


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