Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekend Novel Condensed to a List

Okay I started to write this all out for everyone and realized that I was writing a novel and didn’t like how it was flowing. So here are some interesting things that happened this past weekend.

~ I agreed to do a cookie swap weeks ago. I baked 7 dozen Orea Cheesecake Cookies on Friday night.

~ I got off work just 45 minutes early on Friday, bought groceries, filled up my gas tank, then went to go pick up Tyler from Mema's.

~ I baked the cookies all by myself, entertained Tyler, gave him a bath, and fed him. Single parents are incredible in my eyes. I could not do this everyday.

~ Tony killed a 9 point buck on Friday, I am super proud of him.

While I made cookies he played in the floor.

~ I ended up packing up Tyler and myself and drove back to B-ville to see the deer and take pictures. All of this is still taking place on Friday night, by the way.

~ I did not completely finish the cookies so I did not go to the swap after all. I was beyond tired.

Funnels, blocks, squirt bottles, squiggly straws, cookie cutters, and can rims.

~ I got in bed at midnight, Tony got in bed at 2:00 am on Saturday morning. We have not stayed up this late, on purpose, in a long time.

~ We were zombies on Saturday.

~ We had a photo shoot with MnM Photography on Sunday and I still did not have outfits picked out for us, so I went to Kohl’s for last minute shopping on Saturday.

These are the things that entertained him.

~ Kohl’s was a nightmare. There were zombies (me) and monsters (bratty screaming children, not mine).

~ Stores are now playing Christmas music.
~ Daylight savings time was confusing. Tyler wakes up regardless at the same time. Our clock said 7 o’clock because we forgot to reset, but Tyler woke up at 6 o’clock.

~ After church Sunday morning we drove to Hendersonville for our pictures.

Oh yeah and a fondant smoother.

~ 45 minutes of posing and looking cute is the limit for a 10 month old. Especially when a Tonka Truck is just feet away and he can’t touch.

~ I did 5 loads of laundry and I still can’t see my laundry room floor.

But of course then he was tired of all this and wanted his bath.

~ I have ate too many cookies, I feel fat.

~ I only cooked one large pot of vegetable beef soup all weekend. I refuse to cook anything else for the rest of the week.


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