Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Have You Been Busy?

 I can't really tell what I have been doing this past 2 weeks? I know that I have been busy, but now I just can't remember with what?

Obviously we have been wearing him out with all the cooking, cleaning, and decorating. As I was getting ready Tony was in charge of entertaining him. Alas it seems a nap was what was really needed. Tony said he slowly threw each of the toys he was playing with in the floor and then fell asleep on him just so.

He felt better later and was ready to go full steam into play mode. He is walking around every where now and we are now having to consider gates for the Christmas Tree.

He has 8 teeth now too. They hurt he has bit me quiet a few a times now.

Also he still loves helping me with folding clothes. It is an easy tie between playing with real toys.

Basically we have been super busy. I have been trying to look through the pictures I have taken and figure out when they were taken.

Why did I take the picture of my messy kitchen?

I hope everyone had a great holiday week. Have you been super busy too? So much so that you have slight amnesia?


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