Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Have You Been Busy?

 I can't really tell what I have been doing this past 2 weeks? I know that I have been busy, but now I just can't remember with what?

Obviously we have been wearing him out with all the cooking, cleaning, and decorating. As I was getting ready Tony was in charge of entertaining him. Alas it seems a nap was what was really needed. Tony said he slowly threw each of the toys he was playing with in the floor and then fell asleep on him just so.

He felt better later and was ready to go full steam into play mode. He is walking around every where now and we are now having to consider gates for the Christmas Tree.

He has 8 teeth now too. They hurt he has bit me quiet a few a times now.

Also he still loves helping me with folding clothes. It is an easy tie between playing with real toys.

Basically we have been super busy. I have been trying to look through the pictures I have taken and figure out when they were taken.

Why did I take the picture of my messy kitchen?

I hope everyone had a great holiday week. Have you been super busy too? So much so that you have slight amnesia?


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Questions You Don't Want

Tony - Honey is this Tyler's pink ball?

Me - Uhh, I don't know? Does it go with his dinosaur toy?

Tony - I don't think so?

Me (Walking around corner to look) - Oh ... Um ... no that is not his ball.

Tony (Taking away ball that Tyler is chewing on) - Sorry bud that ball belongs to Tucker (the dog).

Tucker, now happily getting to play fetch with Tony and Tyler.

Later, I wash the pink ball for Tyler to enjoy, but then I find him letting Tucker lick it too.

At least he shares.


Monday, November 15, 2010

A Few of His Favorite Things

~ Clothes basket

 ~ Any kind of doll that blinks and has eyelashes

~ An empty drink bottle with candy sealed inside

~ A box of macaroni or anything that rattles

~ A metal pot lid

~ An empty Tylenol bottle

~ Toothbrush of any size or color

~ Old bottles of travel shampoo

~ Dad’s taxidermy magazines

~ Vacuum cleaner or anything else that has wheels

~ Spoons, spatulas, or any other large cooking utensils

Just thought I would let everyone in on his favorite things so they know what to get him for Christmas.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Things I am thankful For

I see a lot of Thanksgiving Lists popping up on FaceBook and I like reading them. So I decided to post my own list. Some of these may be silly but I am thankful regardless.

 ~ Thank you God for my family. My husband is the best and my son is an angel. I can't imagine living without them.

~ Thank you God for being free and living in Western North Carolina.

~ Thank you God for my church where I am free to worship.

~ Thank you God for my home. I sometimes look around and can't believe it is mine.

~ Thank you God for having a washer and dryer. I could not imagine life without them.

~ Thank you God for cell phones and the ability to stay connected to those we love.

~ Thank you God for sleepless nights because I appreciate my bed that much more.

~ Thank you God for many mistakes during the day. Hopefully it is making me a better person.

~ Thank you for getting to vote. Now I don't have to watch those terrible commercials.

~ Thank you God for my job: as a mother, wife, and servant to you.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekend Novel Condensed to a List

Okay I started to write this all out for everyone and realized that I was writing a novel and didn’t like how it was flowing. So here are some interesting things that happened this past weekend.

~ I agreed to do a cookie swap weeks ago. I baked 7 dozen Orea Cheesecake Cookies on Friday night.

~ I got off work just 45 minutes early on Friday, bought groceries, filled up my gas tank, then went to go pick up Tyler from Mema's.

~ I baked the cookies all by myself, entertained Tyler, gave him a bath, and fed him. Single parents are incredible in my eyes. I could not do this everyday.

~ Tony killed a 9 point buck on Friday, I am super proud of him.

While I made cookies he played in the floor.

~ I ended up packing up Tyler and myself and drove back to B-ville to see the deer and take pictures. All of this is still taking place on Friday night, by the way.

~ I did not completely finish the cookies so I did not go to the swap after all. I was beyond tired.

Funnels, blocks, squirt bottles, squiggly straws, cookie cutters, and can rims.

~ I got in bed at midnight, Tony got in bed at 2:00 am on Saturday morning. We have not stayed up this late, on purpose, in a long time.

~ We were zombies on Saturday.

~ We had a photo shoot with MnM Photography on Sunday and I still did not have outfits picked out for us, so I went to Kohl’s for last minute shopping on Saturday.

These are the things that entertained him.

~ Kohl’s was a nightmare. There were zombies (me) and monsters (bratty screaming children, not mine).

~ Stores are now playing Christmas music.
~ Daylight savings time was confusing. Tyler wakes up regardless at the same time. Our clock said 7 o’clock because we forgot to reset, but Tyler woke up at 6 o’clock.

~ After church Sunday morning we drove to Hendersonville for our pictures.

Oh yeah and a fondant smoother.

~ 45 minutes of posing and looking cute is the limit for a 10 month old. Especially when a Tonka Truck is just feet away and he can’t touch.

~ I did 5 loads of laundry and I still can’t see my laundry room floor.

But of course then he was tired of all this and wanted his bath.

~ I have ate too many cookies, I feel fat.

~ I only cooked one large pot of vegetable beef soup all weekend. I refuse to cook anything else for the rest of the week.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Tyler and his Tylenol Bottle

Now everyone will see how spoiled I have him.

After his bath we go to the changing table. Here I have his sleeper ready and a diaper. He is never happy to have clothes put back on so I usually give him a toy or his Tylenol bottle as a distraction.

I put lotion on him and I inevitably I have to take whatever he is holding away for a minute to put his arm through the sleeve.

This is when I usually get a temper flare up. It always gets me cracked up to see how quickly he goes back to being happy once I hand his bottle back.

We tested him on video and we have confirmed what we feared, he is just ruined. See for yourself.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Up To My Ears

You know sometimes you just can't get ahead and you are just wading through the mud that is work.

Dixie would know what I am talking about.

Dixie during our house building.

I sure miss you girl.

Hope everyone is makin it so far. Tomorrow is Friday though!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What's Going on in Tyler's World

He is getting so close to crawling. He picked up his knee the other day and actually made a little progress.

He pinches. Those sweet little hands inflict major hurt and he has no idea.

He has 6 teeth and if you are not careful they will bite you in a second. Especially since he thinks he is just loving on you. Baby love bites.

He has had to cry it out and is now doing really well sleeping through the night. Last night he slept from 8:30 pm to 7:10 am. Sweet success.

He loves going in circles around the kitchen island in his walker. He can do it in about 40 seconds and Lord have mercy on your toes if you are standing in his way.

He absolutely loves his baby toothbrush. He squeals with delight at the sight of it.

When he gets his full nap and wakes up on his own he jabbers and talks to himself until you come and check on him. If he wakes up crying you know he did not get a good full nap.

He loves ice chips and begs for more. We found this out after his first boo boo.

Anything that turns or has wheels gets him to making the tractor noise. Ultimately he turns over said object to turn the wheels himself. I think this is a boy thing. He loves riding Papa's tractor on the farm too.

He also squeals in delight at the sight of his baby Tylenol. He loves the bottle but also loves taking his medicine when he is teething. Taking away his toothbrush or Tylenol bottle elicits a small temper tantrum.

He is picking up small objects and putting them in his mouth. We found a rock in his mouth the other day and a small piece of wood just yesterday. I need to get on his level more often, he is finding everything!

He has not been sick yet! He is now 9.5 months old and not even a runny nose. We are very blessed.

He jabbers "yay yay yay yay" and "ga ga ga ga" while playing in the floor.

He has a baby doll named Sissy at his Mema's house. She blinks and he is obsessed with her eyelashes. Her left eye has no eyelashes now.

He loves his dog Tucker and watches and studies every move he makes. Tucker be very afraid when he starts to walk and crawl.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween for the Baby

Halloween was fun but very busy. We had a lot of fun dressing our little guy in a cute costume and going to see all the grandparents, aunts, and cousins. We dressed him as a monkey. Cute factor was through the roof!

It had a tail. 

 He was a little mixed on how he felt about it.

 He had a banana and a candy pail, although no candy for him this year. Memaw gave him some money for his piggy bank. Thanks Memaw!

He finally cracked a little smile for us. 

I had to include this one. Look, his eyes are the same color as Daddy's. How cute!

Hope everyone had a great time trick or treating. We had loads of fun taking our little monkey man to see everyone.