Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wildlife Tour in Cades Cove

We woke up early and hit the road to go to Cades Cove while we visited Pigeon Forge. If you are not familiar with Cades Cove, this is a great place to do a little of everything. We love driving the 11 mile loop looking for deer, bear, turkeys, and any other wildlife. Along the way you can find old home places such as Elijah Oliver place and the Gregg-Cable House. There is also a primitive Baptist Church and a Methodist Church. There are trails everywhere too. It’s just a very interesting place to visit.

We did our first loop on Monday and at a great distance we got to see 4 bears in a tree. In the big tree in the field you can see 4 dark spots, these are the bears. We had our zoom lens but this is the best that we could do. Sometimes they are closer though and then it is best to stay in the car, but you always know when an animal is in sight by the cars pulled over and people with cameras and binoculars.

We probably would have never noticed them had there not been 2 men there to point them out. Most people did not stop because they did not know what we were looking at.

We also saw a few male deers chasing after the ladies. We just sat in the car and watched as they pranced around in the field. They are just beautiful creatures. They were a lot of fun to watch.

Then we returned even earlier on Wednesday morning. We stopped at the visitor center for a bathroom break and to stretch our legs and saw plenty of deer just hanging out in the yard area.

We were trying to get a good picture but the sun was in our eyes here.

But if you look in the background you will see deer. There were lots more in this area.

As you can see here I am pointing out a big deer in the yard while 2 others walk right behind me. My finger is on one and the other one is over my other shoulder. We had a lot to look at here.

Now this guy could really care less what was going on around him. He was eating away at this tender grass only glancing to make sure we did not get too close.

Tyler really could care less because there was a little girl there making faces and laughing for him. We watched this guy eat his way along the fence, but as it always goes people just feel the need to get too close and spooked him off.

We had a zoom lens so we stayed farther back, but others just have point and shoot cameras so they think they need to get within 15 feet of them. Rangers patrol the park and when they see a cluster of people getting too close they will intervene.

It does not matter the species, boys will be boys, and we got to see two guys show off for us. Once again a crowd got close to take pictures. The animals sensed the people get a little too close and moved on out into the field.

Now this little lady was right on the side of the road enjoying her breakfast. We stayed in our car and made as little noise as possible and she just munched away. We drove off and didn't bother her anymore.

I wished we could have done more but with a nine month old we stretched out our morning pretty well before a nap was needed and then lunch.
If you get a chance look it up and visit Cades Cove, TN. We enjoyed it so much and still have so much that we want to do in the future.

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