Monday, October 11, 2010

Vacation Time + Pool Time = Good Time

My little guy just loved being on vacation this past week. He swam, splashed, and gulped tons of water.

When he is around water he lights up but this took it to a whole new level. Last time he was in the pool he just did not get it. He was just too small to care really, but now it is different. He kicked his little legs like a frog and was only happy when he was trying to dunk his head under water.

He even had a little friend to welcome him to the pool his first day. She was just as thrilled as he was about the water and to see them interact was adorable.

Seeing pool for first time.
 The minute he saw the water he just could not wait. 

Smiling at a new friend.

His little friend was splashing and waving which made him even more excited to get in the pool.

Now they play together.
 This was the adorable part. They splashed and played back and forth. She would reach out and pat his hand and stick out her tongue at him. He thought she was hilarious and fascinating.

Trying to swim was his favorite.
 Now once we got him out of the float he loved trying to swim. He resembled a little frog kicking his legs and his bottom bobbing in and out of the water.

Once he realized he could dip his head in the water I would help him by letting him dive in under the water. He would come to the surface smiling and spitting water.

The only problem was he drank tons of water the first day. After his nap, that first day, he burped right in daddy's face. He said it was a probably the nastiest burp he had ever smelled before.

It was hard to keep him from dunking his head but we soon learned when he was getting ready to do so by the way he would take breaths. He would raise his tilt his head back farther and take a deep breath then dunk his face. He would usually squint a little too and then put his face under. Soon I was able to anticipate his readiness to go under and let him go completely under water. He loved it and would do it over and over.

We played every afternoon around 30 to 40 minutes. He was beat by the time we made it back to the room but he was always ready to go back.

I hope he keeps this love for the water and no phobias develop from now until the next time we go to a pool.

He is just growing so fast and enjoying everything that we throw at him.



Gay Nell Rice said...

Look how happy he is!! He sure loves the water. He is not afraid of it one bit. He is so so adorable. I hope he will always love it. You guys will have to get him a membership at the YMCA so he can keep loving it. Who knows maybe we have an olympic gold winner in the making. Love It~~~

Regina Williams said...

Yes he is such a happy little thing :) Notice that Aunt Kim is pretty happy too. I loved these pictures!