Friday, October 1, 2010

Painting is a Necessary Chore

I like painting. I really do.

What I do not enjoy is all the prep work that goes along with it. Our office is doing a big overhaul with our conference room, operations room, bathrooms, and offices. The spaces that I have listed are attached to our shop and naturally they get a little bit more dirty than your average office.

We also threw out no less than six coffee pots. What can I say we like our coffee and all of the pots become special and dear to hearts, even when they no longer work.

Now the pictures that I am about to show you are dirty, as in you will want to wash your hands and possibly take a shower once you view them. If you have any obsessive compulsive disorder or if you are a neat freak you may want to follow this link to something more happy and clean. 

What you see is mouse poop. Yech!
  We moved cabinets that had mounds of dirt under them among other things.

Gross, Gross, and Gross
The cleaning commenced and I wanted to run for the door. I signed up for painting not this.

I have now decided that as a professional painter one of two things will happen to you: you will either develop a closer walk with Jesus, or you will become drug dependent. Other than taking a few ibuprofen at night I feel I am drawing closer to the Lord. I say a prayer and close my eyes every time we move something.

We will see how things develop.

I am just watching that door all day and hoping for a quick exit at the end of the day.

Please pray for us.


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