Monday, October 4, 2010

A New World is Discovered with a Baby Walker

My little boy is discovering that he can now manipulate the kitchen drawers. It only took him an hour of time to figure out that if he holds onto the knob and rolls side ways he can open the drawer. Then roll around and empty and taste it's contents.

Oh, I must have forgot to shut that.
There is my baby boy and pup.
Oh my!
He is so precious.
Look what a cute explorer he is.
Okay, he is still the sweetest thing to mommy.
Even though he is adding to my laundry he is teething. I just hope he settles on one soon or I will not be able to wash and dry my dishes.

Also this keeps him away from the trash can that has become quiet fascinating for him. I love seeing him learn and grow.

Did your kid's ever get into stuff while in their walker?


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