Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Corn Maze in Tennessee, and Riding in a Barrel

So we did a corn maze. It was lots of fun and we got in a lot of walking. Tyler once again proved to be a patient baby as he rode on daddy's back and watched everyone walk. The maze was fun and we enjoyed some beautiful weather.

I enjoyed yummy coffee up until I poured it on myself. Not just a little coffee, I mean a continuous stream of coffee on my scarf and jeans.

I could not get the camera to focus and I did not realize I was pouring it all over myself. I tried to take pictures after the fact and that is when I realized the reason the camera would not focus was because the battery was too low.

We all laughed and I was completely embarrassed. While I was concentrating on my misfortune, Tony suggested we just pour it out and I agreed. I did not mean to do so, but I was so embarrassed and busy laughing at myself it was too late.

The maze was hard in some areas. Even the Boy Scouts couldn't find their way out, and I think we were the only group willing to try the second phase of the maze. We never passed one single person in this part of the maze.

Once we escaped we let the kid's play on the play ground area. There was not too much for babies but the little corn crib was fun for Tyler. That is until 5 or more children joined us and started the Dust Bowl of 2010. That's when we decided to get out while we could.

Nodding and getting excited about the ride coming.
Then we decided to turn it up a notch and get a little crazy. Tyler agreed with mom to do something fun.

Click on the picture to watch video of ride.

We decided to hop in a barrel...

That was painted like a cow...

Being pulled by a 4-wheeler...

Driven by a teenager...

And sitting side-saddle no less!

Crazy. That is why I am in the second cart. There are about 6 little carts and I didn't want the whip effect to take place.

You know what I am talking about? If you ever roller skated and grabbed hands in a long line of 5 or more people and then skated as fast as you could. That last person in line was in a world of hurt when you would come into a curve. We called it popping the whip and it was a lot of fun when I was braver.

At one point I thought this reckless teenager was going to do this to us in one of the curves. He went a little too fast in some parts for my liking, mostly because I ate a lot of dirt, and he turned the curves a little too fast too.

Who regulates this stuff?

When we returned and came to a stop, I realized I could not get out by myself. The kid in front of me offered to help but I was too busy yelling for Tony. You will notice at the end of the video that I am yelling for help.

I have decided I will not ride again until maybe someone of greater maturity and responsibility will drive and I lose a little more weight.

We had a lot of fun though and I posted video on YouTube so enjoy.


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