Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Butt-ups Exercises

I would like to think that learning to crawl is so easy, but it's not. My little guy is so close to crawling. We work with him every day but he really has little interest in it. He is already taking his first steps though. I think he will skip crawling and move right into walking.

He tries so hard to crawl but I think his mechanics are a little wrong.

In my experience you must use your knees to crawl. 

He takes breaks after these grueling workouts. I don't blame him, I need breaks too when I work out. 

Then  he gets excited again and decides that he is capable and it looks promising that he will take off.

But of course another break is needed.

Another burst of energy and maybe a little too much enthusiasim and his butt is in the air again.


He gives up, and in a round about way tells me, "This bites mom, let's practice walking."

I usually let him fuss it out and tell him tummy time is important and cheer him on. Mommy's tummy time is no different. I fuss too while doing crunches and then I go eat a brownie.

I sit him up give him a kiss and we play with the toy that has been just out of reach. We gotta do what we don't really enjoy, so we can get what we may not really need.

He will figure it out. We all do eventually.


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