Thursday, October 28, 2010

Baths for Baby & Dog the Multi-Tasking Mother's Way

As a working mother you learn to multi-task on a whole new level. When it comes to bath time I have found a new way to work in a bath for the dog too. (Disclaimer: I am not responsible in any way for how this works with your kid and dog if you decide to try, lucky for me, both of mine cooperate)

Here is the routine.

Step 1: Close all bedroom doors.

Step 2: Plug the big bath tub.

Step 3: Fill baby bath tub and let water run out into the big bath tub. Don't fill tub too full, you want to keep the water in baby bath tub and big bath tub separate.

Step 4: Undress baby and grab dog (by the way this only works with smaller dogs). You may need to shut everyone up in the bathroom. Tucker usually runs when I call his name while water is running. Never leave baby alone in water filled tub.

Step 5: Place baby in baby bath tub and dog in big bath tub.

Step 6: Wash baby first, then wash dog.

Step 7: While baby plays in baby bath tub, dry the dog and let him out of bathroom.

Step 8: Now, remove the baby and dry him off.

Step 9: Dress baby and make sure dog is not running around on bed. This is why you do Step 1.

Step 10: Now empty water from tubs, rinse well, and wipe out with some sort of tub cleaner.

Notice the color of the water Tucker is in. This is why you keep them in separate tubs.

Tyler finds this all amusing because Tucker usually takes a running fit after a bath. If bedroom doors are not shut we inevitably find ourselves sleeping in a wet bed. I can only remove so much water from Tucker with towel and the rest is up to him. He has learned the bed is very absorbent and when he is tired he can snuggle in next to the pillows. I prefer him to do the run dry method but he usually gets tired of this.

Tucker is getting impatient with me. He wants a towel.

Tyler thinks having Tucker close and in such a fit is entertaining. I see this as time well spent. Baby gets his bath and is entertained. Tucker gets a bath, exercises, and bonding time with baby. Mom gets to enjoy her two little ones and everyone is clean.

Note: Dad does usually help with this process at a certain point. I have completed process by myself but it is best to have help just in case.

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