Friday, September 17, 2010

Reading During Bath Time

I have posted that Tyler loves bath time and I do too. I enjoy reading to him during this time. We are currently reading “Frog and Toad” by Arnold Lobel. Tyler is usually so enthralled with the water and his toys I have wondered whether he really pays me attention.

"Hey you have some thing on your head."

Last night was different though. I had noticed, in the last week, that he gets more vocal once I place him in his tub. He immediately smiles when I put him in the water, and he starts to jabber to his toy fish. I sit down in the floor next to the tub with his book and read to him while he plays.

"Really? Right now? On my head?"

So last night, as I was getting into the middle of the story, I noticed that he was getting louder than me reading. It was very distracting for me and I had a hard time keeping my place. I laughed and kept reading a little louder. Immediately he got louder. I in turn get louder so he turns up the volume again.

"Your right mom! I do have something on my head?"
 About this time I realize how comical this must seem to Tony, who is in the other room listening to Tyler and me compete to be the loudest. I can’t help but get tickled at the situation. I yell at Tony and tell him I really need to video this and then I go back to reading. Tyler continues yelling until I finish reading the story.

"It's okay honey. It's just Cookie Monster."

Is he just playing or competing? Does he think we are talking? Is he letting me know he hates the book? Is he voicing his contentment and comfort with our routine? I think it might be all of this and maybe, none at all. My funny little dude is just growing and changing so much who knows the reasons behind his behavior. All I know is I need it on video.


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