Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our First Trip Out of the House

When Tyler was born, and the lack of sleep and exhaustion from pushing and eventual c-section hit me, I was not the same. Thinking how to spell my name, figuring out the day of the week, and just standing upright was rigorous.

I laugh when I think of our first outing with Tyler for his first check-up. It was the first time since coming home from the hospital that Tyler and I had ventured out. The diaper bag had everything a baby could possibly need, I had all our clothes laid out the night before, and had my mother-in-law come over while I showered and got ready. I gave him a bath and fed him so that he would make it through the doctor’s visit without crying.

Tony was coming back home from work to pick us up, because I could not drive yet. When he got home we packed our little newborn into his car seat and drove to our appointment. As we pulled into the parking lot I looked around and realized that we had forgotten the diaper bag. We had both assumed the other had picked it up on the way out the door.

I tried to convince myself that forgetting it was okay. “Tyler will be just fine,” I told myself. He was fed just before we left, dry, and packed into his car seat with a blanket. But I knew how quickly things could change for the worse (spit up or a messy diaper), so I kept my fingers crossed.

As we walked inside, I just knew that everyone noticed we did not have a diaper bag with us.

We went to a corner to fill out 10 pages of information, but we were quickly redirected to my worst nightmare, a small newborn only section. I was very happy that they had a space away from the sick children, but this section would make it even more noticeable that we were missing a diaper bag.

As I filled in the paperwork, 2 other couples entered the already cramped space that could really only seat 4 adults comfortably. Now it contained 6 adults with 4 babies in carriers. One couple had twin baby girls, and to make matters worse, they remembered their diaper bags, and they had two to keep up with.

I finished the paperwork and handed it to Tony to deliver to the receptionist. Admiring my son for being such a sweet and good baby, I started to glance at the other parents and their babies. The twin’s parents seemed perfect, the mother was wearing nice clothes, perfect blonde hair, and makeup; the father was wearing a tie, pressed shirt, and dress pants. They did not make me feel better about forgetting our diaper bag.

The other couple’s little boy was half the size of Tyler and was starting to cry. The dad immediately started to dig for a bottle. After 2 minutes of going through the whole bag he looked at his wife and whispered, “I forgot to pack a nipple.” Everyone was pretty much sitting in a walk-in closet size space so we all heard, as their newborn whimpered and cried.

The wife looked tired and was wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants. She told him to go check with the receptionist to see if they had a nipple to fit their bottle, as she tried to keep a pacifier in her little boy’s mouth and soothe him.

I smiled at her and immediately felt that my situation was not that bad. Although I did not have my diaper bag she was not even able to feed her baby. Our eyes met and I confessed, “I forgot to bring our diaper bag.”

She laughed and proceeded to tell me that her sweet and thoughtful husband had told her to sleep in so she could get some much needed rest. He would take care of the baby. He let her sleep alright, right up until time to leave. She barely had time to get dressed and brush her teeth before they had to leave, with no shower. “No wonder we forgot a nipple,” she said shaking her head, “I asked him why he did not get me up earlier and he told me I was resting so well.” I thought it was sweet.

By this time her husband returned with an arm load of little bottles with nipples. Our name was called and we left the waiting room. Once we were in the examining room I told the nurse that we forgot our diaper bag and asked if we could get a diaper to get us home. She gave us a knowing smile and brought us a little newborn diaper when she returned. She didn't say but I bet this happens quiet often.

We made it home, no big deal, and that has not been the last time we have accidentally ventured out without that diaper bag.

Just 5 days old.

Now with an 8 month old, we still forget stuff and that’s okay. I know that someone else is going through the exact same thing, maybe worse. I am just thankful we have survived so far.

How was your first outing with your baby?


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