Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Debut as a Wedding Director

I was so nervous and scared to have such a responsibility as "Wedding Director." Please don't confuse this with a "Planner." Although I would love to plan a wedding, I only helped with rehearsal and the actual wedding day. The night before the wedding I had nightmares about every possible little thing going wrong. I woke up ready for them all though. God was just preparing me.

I just can't really fit every detail into this wee blog and get away with it. I want Stephanie to enjoy her time as a bride that is why I cropped her dress out of the picture. I just wanted everyone to see her beautiful and happy face. I think she smiled all day.

Things went smooth and I only have these words to describe the day: barefoot, beautiful, cricket, sweet, drool, laughter, Skoal, chicken nuggets, twist, bump, and love. Each of these have their own story and I just don't have time to tell them all.

The colors were fuchsia, black, and white.

Tyler came to the wedding and he looked so handsome. I have more pictures to share later but he looked like a little man. Alisha came as the babysitter for us because I knew Tony would get pulled into the wedding somehow.

Tony was starved by the time we made it to the reception and downed tons of kisses right away. Phillip's dad gave us even more to take home. I am officially sick of kisses now.

I enjoyed the experience and was so glad that I could be a part of my friend's wedding in such a wonderful way.

Phillip, Stephanie, I had such a great time and I hope that you enjoyed your day! Love you both, and Amen  Josh Groban (wink, wink).

I will add in a later post vendors that Stephanie and Phil used. Her cake was delicious and the food was tasty.
I will get those once she gets back from Vegas.


Stephieisalefty said...

I can answer those questions!
Food: J&S at Riveridge. yumm! David Yontz was the guy we worked with. Amazing really.
Cake: Cakes by Jane!
Favors by Stephanie. lol.
Venue: Burnsville Town Center. Reasonable priced, and amazing. Love the guy who runs the place.
Photographer: Michael Lamb and asst Meredith.

Regina Williams said...

Thanks so much.

The food was delicious, and can I just say the cake was to die for. I thought about another piece and tried to get Tony to get me another. I did not want to look like a pig and did not get anymore.

And yes the venue was wonderful. We walked around the square some after the wedding. So much fun!