Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Friday! We made it!

I made it. It's Friday! I have had a rough and long week. Let me recap for everyone. It helps me to whine and talk about it. Bare with me, enjoy the pictures, and comment if you feel so led.

My baby with flowers.
1. My baby still refuses to crawl but he is really getting around great in his walker. My ankles hurt.

2. I have touched no less than 10,000 pieces of paper this week involving Policy and Procedure. Yuck, and I have paper cuts to prove it.

My baby with flowers and a drool spot.
3. Tyler now has two top teeth that cut through this week. He actually was bleeding a little one afternoon. He grinds his teeth. They must hurt pretty bad.

4. I have not cooked a meal all week, thanks to my sweet hubby, take-out, and mom.

My baby with flowers, drool spot, and now his hat.
5. Tyler is figuring out how to make a motor boat sound, but all that comes out some times is spit. My favorite quote from my husband, "Honey, your son is slimy!"

6. My arm hurts and I don't know why. It aches, and I fear I have pulled a muscle. It hurts worse when I am in bed so I lose sleep. I fear my 21 plus pound son is the underlying cause of my injury.

Tyler having fun with hat and flowers.
7. I took no less than 300 pictures of Tyler in this outfit. Half of which were fuzzy and had to be deleted. That left 100 with his eyes closed, head turned, or hat over his face.

Oh! A bird!
8. I rocked my 21 plus pound son for over an hour last night to get him to sleep. He wanted to blow spit, wave at his toys, and just stay up instead of sleep. My arm is killing me today.

9. Tucker has been acting out lately. He has been swiping Tyler's stuffed animal toys and running through the house with them.

More flowers.
10. I walked through the door into the shop bay at work to find a 30 foot Smokey Bear just feet away from me. It caught me off guard and I came close to screaming.

11. I ran out of creamer so I did not get coffee this morning.

He is such a doll.
12. I had to get up from supper to change Tyler. When I returned, Tucker had jumped onto my chair so he could then reach my plate to eat half of my casserole.  I didn't even know he would or even could jump in my chair!

13. I love my family and I get to spend the weekend at home with them!

He is an angel.
14. I might try to take more pictures of my baby and the pup. Cause the Lord knows I don't want to make it easier on myself.

15. I might even take a nap too.



Jeri Landers said...

What a little roly poly dolly he is! Makes me remember the good old days when my boys were so cute and fun and being a new mom was the very best thing! That was a very long time ago, but they were such good times, enjoy yourself!

Regina Williams said...

Thank You, and by the way I love your books! I recommend to every one. I actually did a post about your books and I look forward to the next one.