Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall Reflections and Memories

Fall is bittersweet. We know that we are on a count down to the end of the year but still have so much to look forward too.

I love baking pumpkin bread and wrapping strings of purple lights around my porch posts. Searching for that perfect corn maze that everyone can attempt, and being nice and cozy in the morning with my coffee, full of yummy creamers of the season. The itch to take out all my sweaters and fluffy socks has started too.

My house is not much but I do have my special family heirlooms, auction finds, and gifts that make it home.

The picture on the wall we got at an auction. It was a mistake on the auctioneer's part but we won it fair and square and it makes for a great story when people ask where we got it. I have no idea about its history or worth, but it is old and the frame is beautiful. The other pictures on the sewing machine are of my family.

I love putting flowers in mason jars because I just can't afford to put money into expensive vases. Mason jars are more my style anyways and I always have plenty around. A modern vase or decorative urn would just not work in my home.

I have wonderful vanilla/nutmeg candle that I only burn once it turns a little cool outside. Something about the smell warms me and makes me feel relaxed.

My maple wood bowl was turned and finished by a man that I work with. I love things that are made by hand or was made just for me. Around the rim you can see he has left the bark and it curves as the tree did. I absolutely love it and it remains one of my favorite pieces.

All of this is on my Singer sewing machine. It belonged to my great grandmother who received it from her mother. I was so happy to give it a home when she passed away. When I cleaned the drawers I found old keys and key rings. I asked about them and found out they belonged to my great grandfather that I never met. He was a car salesman and it has the name of the car lot he worked at.

All of these things when I look at them touch me in a different way, and lets me know that even though the end of the year is drawing near, I still have so many things to be thankful for.

Time moves on but memories are made, purchased, given, and experienced again and again with every passing day. We just need to be reminded and embrace them all.

I would love to hear from you and your favorite things to showcase in your home. 
Please comment and I hope to hear from you.



Alana in Canada said...

Lovely vignette. A vanilla/nutmeg candle sounds so good!

Laney said...

I love all of the history behind your pieces, it makes them that much more meaningful and interesting.

I love that sewing machine.:-)

Regina Williams said...

Alana - Thank you, and I love any candle that has a fresh from the oven smell.

Laney - Thank you so much - I searched for an entry table for over a year and for some reason I never found one. I love being able to tell the story behind my pieces. I might have to tell the full story of my picture on the wall. It is kinda funny.

Autumn said...

You are quite the lucky gal! That is one amazing piece.
Autumn Clark