Thursday, September 16, 2010

Early Potty Training at 8 Months

At 8 months we have started potty training Tyler. It was not my idea at first. My mom worked with me when I was his age and I was successfully trained by 15 months. She was the first to buy a potty for Tyler. I got on board because diapers are expensive and I thought if all else fails he will get used to the "idea" of a potty.

I am not able to be home with him all day so I don't know how well this will go. I really think that consistency will be key for our success with early training. So far things are progressing pretty well. I won't go into all the details, but Tyler is acclimating pretty well. I think it is because he enjoys getting to sit on the potty, and has yet to find this to be a detractor from his play time.

Also the potty that Mema got for him sings and quacks. Yes it is pretty fancy; if you call quacking and singing potty fancy. In this case I do because his potty at home does not. I could not afford a singing and praising potty with fancy feet and a face. He thinks his singing potty at Mema's house is wonderful and waves at it in passing. To him it is just another toy to interact with right now.

It's a stepping stool.
And a potty.
I am amazed at the selection of potties that can be found online. I did research before purchasing mine and found that the selection was overwhelming. Babies R' Us carries 47 models online and about 7 in the store. Target has 64 online and about 5 in store.

Stores tame down the selection to 3 or 4 models with various features, thank goodness. I already have a hard time deciding on this sort of thing, but you give me over 10 choices and I think my brain just shuts down.

He likes sitting on it.
Usually with his legs straight out.
My mother went for all the bells and whistles (she is trying to make it fun, which I applaud), while I went with the most economical (boring mom). Also I went with one that compliments my decor in the bathroom.

Ha, whatever, actually, I had not even thought of matching anything. I just went with something gender neutral and it was just $10.00 so it was a good deal. The one I chose is a stepping stool too, which will be useful in the future. This is the only extra feature that is included with the potty I selected. I get no extra points for that with Tyler. Mema is winning right now with having the coolest potty. 

His potty at home. See it matches my bathroom!
So we will see how things develop. Hopefully he will take to using the potty and we can transition out of diapers quickly. I don't know what I am doing, and I am depending on a lot of help and advice from my mom. She was successful, but will I be?

Privacy please!
All Tyler wants is privacy and not to be embarrassed by his mother. Don't worry honey you look cute no matter what!

What is your opinion on potty training early? Did you try training your children before they turned a year old?

Believe me I want to know! Tips, advice, encouragement, or just your opinion!


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