Monday, September 20, 2010

Did you happen to notice?

Paw, is putting in a cattle gate.
Being outside on the farm is one of his favorite things.
We were wanting to get a picture showing off the large wood pile.
Of course this little booger gets all the attention.
Did you even notice the wood pile?
See there it is! Right behind the adorable baby.


Peoney said...

Hi, Nice website, I like the arrangement of your website, I wonder how i can change my template. Very cute baby on the picture.

Regina Williams said...

If you go to the top right corner, click on design, then follow that to the template designer link. On template designer go to layout. It should be the first choice on the second row. Hope that helps, but the best thing is to just play with it and figure out what works for you. This layout does not allow for large photos though :(