Thursday, September 9, 2010

Did I mention we love the Red Sox?

I must tell everyone we love the Boston Red Sox.

Tyler must love them for his room has only one thing to offer...

The Red Sox.

The room has definitely changed since Tyler was born. This was a month or so before we brought him home.

Here are some fun facts for those of you who know very little about them.
  • Cy Young played for Boston for 8 years and the game that stood out most to him in his pitching history was his perfect game played with Boston on May 5, 1904.
  • 1912 Fenway Park was opened. It was built specifically for the Boston Red Sox.
  • Babe Ruth started his career with Boston as a pitcher. "Home runs didn't provide 'Babe' with his biggest thrill in baseball," his wife said. "The 29 consecutive scoreless innings he pitched in World Series competition for the Red Sox was the exploit he cherished most."
  • Ted Williams #9, amassed 521 home runs, including a dramatic farewell homer on his last at bat in 1960 directly into the Sox bullpen. He also served in 2 wars: World War II and the Korean Conflict.
  • June 18, 1953, The Sox broke or tied 17 major league records.
  • Roger Clemons won his third and final Cy Young award with Boston.
  • In 2004, the Red Sox won their first World Series championship in 86 years, and became the first team to recover from a 3 - 0 deficit.
  • The mascot, Wally the Green Monster, made his MLB debut April 13, 1997.

Yes we love us some Red Sox and we hope to pass on the love to our kid's. Although I love football more as a spectator at home, being at a baseball stadium is exciting and so much fun.

I just found this package the other day and it get's me so excited. It's called Red Sox Kid Nation. We hope to take Tyler to see them play when he is a little older and this package would be absolutely perfect.

If I have made a mistake on any of the facts please correct me.
If you have any other fun facts, or if you just share the Red Sox love, please comment below. 

Go Red Sox!!!