Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cause and Effect My Love

I love baby shoes so much (cause).

I got a new pair of shoes for Tyler and they are so cute (effect). They are brown with orange little frogs on the bottom to help him grip the floor when he walks.

I was taking pictures on Sunday morning because a cold front came through so I had to dress Tyler accordingly (cause). I could not wait to get these shoes on his little feet (effect).

My house was a disaster (cause) and this is where I plopped him for the photos (effect).

It seemed like a good idea.

He cooperated for the most part.

Although, he was very distracted by his new perch (cause), so I had a hard time getting him to focus and give me a smile (effect).

Aha there it is!!!

The smile (cause) that makes my heart swell (effect).

Now this is where things got dicey.

He found the handles to the chair (cause) and decided to rotate and lunge (effect).

He had been checking out the flowers and ribbon (cause), and made his break (effect).

I had noticed his glances at the flowers (cause) and was ready for his attempt (effect).

Luckily, nothing and no one was ill affected.

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Family, friends, and even if I don't know you.
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