Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Birthday Happenings

Over the weekend I celebrated 2 Birthdays. My brother’s birthday was on Friday and mine was on Saturday. It's always fun that we get to celebrate together. Just like twins, except we're not twins.

Me and my "little" brother Jason.

After delivering me 27 years ago, my mother was sure that she would not get pregnant again and have to tough out a sweltering summer being pregnant. 3 years later she carried my brother through the exact time frame. Not many people would find sharing a birthday special but I have always loved it. We always got our own cake, probably because I hated chocolate and Jason loved it, regardless they made sure to make us both feel special on our day. We never felt like we missed out because of the other.

Family enjoying the patio.

We enjoy having a cookout at our parent’s house every year to celebrate our birthdays. No singing or candles just simply getting together with everyone we love, catching up, and hanging out. We feel lucky just to have another year. The food is no frills; hamburgers and hot dogs with a few side items. This year we did not do cake at all, we had Oreo Surprise, Banana Pudding, and cookies (my favorite).

Tyler enjoying his balloon.
Tyler's balloon pops when it hits the fan.
The pop was loud.

Tyler is in the mix now and it makes it more fun. Jason and I got very little attention with my little munchkin around, but it suited us just fine. He even got balloons. He loved it! I am sure he thought the party was for him.

He was waving and excited that everyone was paying attention to him.

He was partied out before 7 p.m. Alisha was there though to be his drool absorber.

Alisha serving as mom while I get to mingle and have fun.
Look at all the cars outside!

I received wonderful gifts too. Jason got me a coffee pot. I needed it so bad since mine died weeks ago and I had been mooching off my sweet sister-in-law next door. Also Amazon sent me books!

Books and a coffee pot!!!

Actually, I ordered these books weeks ago but they came a day before my birthday so it felt like a birthday gift. I received my pre-ordered Cake Pops book by Bakerella, The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook, and I book I saw on a post by OMSH. I have a book habit and I can’t break it, nor do I want too. I see it and I want it.

Tony inspecting Jason's B-day gift.

Since this all happened on Jason’s Birthday, that left a whole day on Saturday for me, so we took off in the morning and got breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Tony told me that I was not to do a dish one on my birthday, so I saved them for Sunday.

We tried out the rockers.

He even took me out to our local favorite in Asheville, Noi’s Thai Kitchen! He made the whole day about me and what I wanted to do. We stayed out almost all day and had a great time.

This is for those of you that love baby shoes. Look how adorable his new shoes are!

Thanks everyone for all the birthday fun, gifts, and love you sent my way! Thanks Momma and Daddy, you are the very best and I love you so very much. Thank you Honey for a wonderful day just for me. And thank you Munchkin for taking on all that attention, it's not easy.


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