Thursday, September 30, 2010

Forgive Me and Keep Reading

I have not forgot I have a blog to keep up with.

I hope you all forgive me. I do I have some stuff that will come out very soon.

For the time being browse my other posts and have a great week.

Oh and Tyler says hello.

My Love

Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Friday! We made it!

I made it. It's Friday! I have had a rough and long week. Let me recap for everyone. It helps me to whine and talk about it. Bare with me, enjoy the pictures, and comment if you feel so led.

My baby with flowers.
1. My baby still refuses to crawl but he is really getting around great in his walker. My ankles hurt.

2. I have touched no less than 10,000 pieces of paper this week involving Policy and Procedure. Yuck, and I have paper cuts to prove it.

My baby with flowers and a drool spot.
3. Tyler now has two top teeth that cut through this week. He actually was bleeding a little one afternoon. He grinds his teeth. They must hurt pretty bad.

4. I have not cooked a meal all week, thanks to my sweet hubby, take-out, and mom.

My baby with flowers, drool spot, and now his hat.
5. Tyler is figuring out how to make a motor boat sound, but all that comes out some times is spit. My favorite quote from my husband, "Honey, your son is slimy!"

6. My arm hurts and I don't know why. It aches, and I fear I have pulled a muscle. It hurts worse when I am in bed so I lose sleep. I fear my 21 plus pound son is the underlying cause of my injury.

Tyler having fun with hat and flowers.
7. I took no less than 300 pictures of Tyler in this outfit. Half of which were fuzzy and had to be deleted. That left 100 with his eyes closed, head turned, or hat over his face.

Oh! A bird!
8. I rocked my 21 plus pound son for over an hour last night to get him to sleep. He wanted to blow spit, wave at his toys, and just stay up instead of sleep. My arm is killing me today.

9. Tucker has been acting out lately. He has been swiping Tyler's stuffed animal toys and running through the house with them.

More flowers.
10. I walked through the door into the shop bay at work to find a 30 foot Smokey Bear just feet away from me. It caught me off guard and I came close to screaming.

11. I ran out of creamer so I did not get coffee this morning.

He is such a doll.
12. I had to get up from supper to change Tyler. When I returned, Tucker had jumped onto my chair so he could then reach my plate to eat half of my casserole.  I didn't even know he would or even could jump in my chair!

13. I love my family and I get to spend the weekend at home with them!

He is an angel.
14. I might try to take more pictures of my baby and the pup. Cause the Lord knows I don't want to make it easier on myself.

15. I might even take a nap too.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our First Trip Out of the House

When Tyler was born, and the lack of sleep and exhaustion from pushing and eventual c-section hit me, I was not the same. Thinking how to spell my name, figuring out the day of the week, and just standing upright was rigorous.

I laugh when I think of our first outing with Tyler for his first check-up. It was the first time since coming home from the hospital that Tyler and I had ventured out. The diaper bag had everything a baby could possibly need, I had all our clothes laid out the night before, and had my mother-in-law come over while I showered and got ready. I gave him a bath and fed him so that he would make it through the doctor’s visit without crying.

Tony was coming back home from work to pick us up, because I could not drive yet. When he got home we packed our little newborn into his car seat and drove to our appointment. As we pulled into the parking lot I looked around and realized that we had forgotten the diaper bag. We had both assumed the other had picked it up on the way out the door.

I tried to convince myself that forgetting it was okay. “Tyler will be just fine,” I told myself. He was fed just before we left, dry, and packed into his car seat with a blanket. But I knew how quickly things could change for the worse (spit up or a messy diaper), so I kept my fingers crossed.

As we walked inside, I just knew that everyone noticed we did not have a diaper bag with us.

We went to a corner to fill out 10 pages of information, but we were quickly redirected to my worst nightmare, a small newborn only section. I was very happy that they had a space away from the sick children, but this section would make it even more noticeable that we were missing a diaper bag.

As I filled in the paperwork, 2 other couples entered the already cramped space that could really only seat 4 adults comfortably. Now it contained 6 adults with 4 babies in carriers. One couple had twin baby girls, and to make matters worse, they remembered their diaper bags, and they had two to keep up with.

I finished the paperwork and handed it to Tony to deliver to the receptionist. Admiring my son for being such a sweet and good baby, I started to glance at the other parents and their babies. The twin’s parents seemed perfect, the mother was wearing nice clothes, perfect blonde hair, and makeup; the father was wearing a tie, pressed shirt, and dress pants. They did not make me feel better about forgetting our diaper bag.

The other couple’s little boy was half the size of Tyler and was starting to cry. The dad immediately started to dig for a bottle. After 2 minutes of going through the whole bag he looked at his wife and whispered, “I forgot to pack a nipple.” Everyone was pretty much sitting in a walk-in closet size space so we all heard, as their newborn whimpered and cried.

The wife looked tired and was wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants. She told him to go check with the receptionist to see if they had a nipple to fit their bottle, as she tried to keep a pacifier in her little boy’s mouth and soothe him.

I smiled at her and immediately felt that my situation was not that bad. Although I did not have my diaper bag she was not even able to feed her baby. Our eyes met and I confessed, “I forgot to bring our diaper bag.”

She laughed and proceeded to tell me that her sweet and thoughtful husband had told her to sleep in so she could get some much needed rest. He would take care of the baby. He let her sleep alright, right up until time to leave. She barely had time to get dressed and brush her teeth before they had to leave, with no shower. “No wonder we forgot a nipple,” she said shaking her head, “I asked him why he did not get me up earlier and he told me I was resting so well.” I thought it was sweet.

By this time her husband returned with an arm load of little bottles with nipples. Our name was called and we left the waiting room. Once we were in the examining room I told the nurse that we forgot our diaper bag and asked if we could get a diaper to get us home. She gave us a knowing smile and brought us a little newborn diaper when she returned. She didn't say but I bet this happens quiet often.

We made it home, no big deal, and that has not been the last time we have accidentally ventured out without that diaper bag.

Just 5 days old.

Now with an 8 month old, we still forget stuff and that’s okay. I know that someone else is going through the exact same thing, maybe worse. I am just thankful we have survived so far.

How was your first outing with your baby?


Monday, September 20, 2010

Did you happen to notice?

Paw, is putting in a cattle gate.
Being outside on the farm is one of his favorite things.
We were wanting to get a picture showing off the large wood pile.
Of course this little booger gets all the attention.
Did you even notice the wood pile?
See there it is! Right behind the adorable baby.

Not Sure

I don't remember what he heard but he was a little leery of it.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Reading During Bath Time

I have posted that Tyler loves bath time and I do too. I enjoy reading to him during this time. We are currently reading “Frog and Toad” by Arnold Lobel. Tyler is usually so enthralled with the water and his toys I have wondered whether he really pays me attention.

"Hey you have some thing on your head."

Last night was different though. I had noticed, in the last week, that he gets more vocal once I place him in his tub. He immediately smiles when I put him in the water, and he starts to jabber to his toy fish. I sit down in the floor next to the tub with his book and read to him while he plays.

"Really? Right now? On my head?"

So last night, as I was getting into the middle of the story, I noticed that he was getting louder than me reading. It was very distracting for me and I had a hard time keeping my place. I laughed and kept reading a little louder. Immediately he got louder. I in turn get louder so he turns up the volume again.

"Your right mom! I do have something on my head?"
 About this time I realize how comical this must seem to Tony, who is in the other room listening to Tyler and me compete to be the loudest. I can’t help but get tickled at the situation. I yell at Tony and tell him I really need to video this and then I go back to reading. Tyler continues yelling until I finish reading the story.

"It's okay honey. It's just Cookie Monster."

Is he just playing or competing? Does he think we are talking? Is he letting me know he hates the book? Is he voicing his contentment and comfort with our routine? I think it might be all of this and maybe, none at all. My funny little dude is just growing and changing so much who knows the reasons behind his behavior. All I know is I need it on video.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Early Potty Training at 8 Months

At 8 months we have started potty training Tyler. It was not my idea at first. My mom worked with me when I was his age and I was successfully trained by 15 months. She was the first to buy a potty for Tyler. I got on board because diapers are expensive and I thought if all else fails he will get used to the "idea" of a potty.

I am not able to be home with him all day so I don't know how well this will go. I really think that consistency will be key for our success with early training. So far things are progressing pretty well. I won't go into all the details, but Tyler is acclimating pretty well. I think it is because he enjoys getting to sit on the potty, and has yet to find this to be a detractor from his play time.

Also the potty that Mema got for him sings and quacks. Yes it is pretty fancy; if you call quacking and singing potty fancy. In this case I do because his potty at home does not. I could not afford a singing and praising potty with fancy feet and a face. He thinks his singing potty at Mema's house is wonderful and waves at it in passing. To him it is just another toy to interact with right now.

It's a stepping stool.
And a potty.
I am amazed at the selection of potties that can be found online. I did research before purchasing mine and found that the selection was overwhelming. Babies R' Us carries 47 models online and about 7 in the store. Target has 64 online and about 5 in store.

Stores tame down the selection to 3 or 4 models with various features, thank goodness. I already have a hard time deciding on this sort of thing, but you give me over 10 choices and I think my brain just shuts down.

He likes sitting on it.
Usually with his legs straight out.
My mother went for all the bells and whistles (she is trying to make it fun, which I applaud), while I went with the most economical (boring mom). Also I went with one that compliments my decor in the bathroom.

Ha, whatever, actually, I had not even thought of matching anything. I just went with something gender neutral and it was just $10.00 so it was a good deal. The one I chose is a stepping stool too, which will be useful in the future. This is the only extra feature that is included with the potty I selected. I get no extra points for that with Tyler. Mema is winning right now with having the coolest potty. 

His potty at home. See it matches my bathroom!
So we will see how things develop. Hopefully he will take to using the potty and we can transition out of diapers quickly. I don't know what I am doing, and I am depending on a lot of help and advice from my mom. She was successful, but will I be?

Privacy please!
All Tyler wants is privacy and not to be embarrassed by his mother. Don't worry honey you look cute no matter what!

What is your opinion on potty training early? Did you try training your children before they turned a year old?

Believe me I want to know! Tips, advice, encouragement, or just your opinion!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Birthday Happenings

Over the weekend I celebrated 2 Birthdays. My brother’s birthday was on Friday and mine was on Saturday. It's always fun that we get to celebrate together. Just like twins, except we're not twins.

Me and my "little" brother Jason.

After delivering me 27 years ago, my mother was sure that she would not get pregnant again and have to tough out a sweltering summer being pregnant. 3 years later she carried my brother through the exact time frame. Not many people would find sharing a birthday special but I have always loved it. We always got our own cake, probably because I hated chocolate and Jason loved it, regardless they made sure to make us both feel special on our day. We never felt like we missed out because of the other.

Family enjoying the patio.

We enjoy having a cookout at our parent’s house every year to celebrate our birthdays. No singing or candles just simply getting together with everyone we love, catching up, and hanging out. We feel lucky just to have another year. The food is no frills; hamburgers and hot dogs with a few side items. This year we did not do cake at all, we had Oreo Surprise, Banana Pudding, and cookies (my favorite).

Tyler enjoying his balloon.
Tyler's balloon pops when it hits the fan.
The pop was loud.

Tyler is in the mix now and it makes it more fun. Jason and I got very little attention with my little munchkin around, but it suited us just fine. He even got balloons. He loved it! I am sure he thought the party was for him.

He was waving and excited that everyone was paying attention to him.

He was partied out before 7 p.m. Alisha was there though to be his drool absorber.

Alisha serving as mom while I get to mingle and have fun.
Look at all the cars outside!

I received wonderful gifts too. Jason got me a coffee pot. I needed it so bad since mine died weeks ago and I had been mooching off my sweet sister-in-law next door. Also Amazon sent me books!

Books and a coffee pot!!!

Actually, I ordered these books weeks ago but they came a day before my birthday so it felt like a birthday gift. I received my pre-ordered Cake Pops book by Bakerella, The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook, and I book I saw on a post by OMSH. I have a book habit and I can’t break it, nor do I want too. I see it and I want it.

Tony inspecting Jason's B-day gift.

Since this all happened on Jason’s Birthday, that left a whole day on Saturday for me, so we took off in the morning and got breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Tony told me that I was not to do a dish one on my birthday, so I saved them for Sunday.

We tried out the rockers.

He even took me out to our local favorite in Asheville, Noi’s Thai Kitchen! He made the whole day about me and what I wanted to do. We stayed out almost all day and had a great time.

This is for those of you that love baby shoes. Look how adorable his new shoes are!

Thanks everyone for all the birthday fun, gifts, and love you sent my way! Thanks Momma and Daddy, you are the very best and I love you so very much. Thank you Honey for a wonderful day just for me. And thank you Munchkin for taking on all that attention, it's not easy.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bubble Boy

This post is not about how protective I am of my son and how if I could I would put my family in a bubble. I could write for days all that I have done and would do to protect my baby boy. Since I was pregnant during the H1N1 outbreak I have become very aware. I am also happy to report he has not been sick. He has a great immune system, or my caution has paid off, or maybe both.

Anyways, this post is not about all of that. It is the simple pleasure of bubbles and the awe and fun that he has had since discovering them. Here Dad is blowing him bubbles while I get to watch and take pictures of his sweet reactions.

I love this reaction. This is just a normal reaction when something gets too close to his eyes or face. He does the same thing when Tucker runs through the house and around him.

But he soon realizes it is okay and tries to catch the bubbles.

He also tries to catch them in his mouth. He is my little baby bird.

The rush of new bubbles just takes his breath and he gets so excited.

Once again he guards himself because if he can't see it, it won't hurt him. I love him.

One must have landed on his leg or hand. He just does not understand how it could disappear so fast.

I forgot how fun blowing bubbles really was. If you get a chance blow some bubbles with your kids.

Bubbles never go out of style for kid's.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Breakfast Casserole in the Tasty Kitchen

This is a recipe that I got from my mother-in-law. I love it so much and enjoy making it for everyone because it is so simple. I have posted the Breakfast Casserole Recipe with more recipes to come in the near future. 

The recipe can be found at a site called, Tasty Kitchen. If you are not familiar you must visit and check it out. I used to look up recipes on Food Network and other places, but this is hands down the best website for recipes that I have found so far.

It is a network of cooks that offer great recipes, reviews, and advice. Even if you don't want to enter your own recipes you can become a member and save recipes to your profile so they are easier to find later. Also, it has a conversion calculator so you can change measurements and double, halve, or triple a recipe. I just learned this and I am blown away!

I haven't found a bad recipe yet, and it is so neat to go to a place where there are all levels of cooks and recipes. I like that you can possibly get featured too. Add a great recipe, take great pictures of it, and you can be a featured cook. It's like being a celebrity! Sort of.

I just became a member, and I need friends. Yes, I'm begging for friends in the kitchen because no one likes to cook alone.

I feel so lonely.

Please let me know what you think by leaving your comments here or at Tasty Kitchen. To the right, on my blog, you will find I have posted a Tasty Kitchen button for your convenience.


Doing the Wave

We get such a kick out of Tyler waving now. He waves at everything. Anyone in the grocery store, a moving car, a cow, Tucker, or even his stuffed animals.

I get distracted so much in the grocery store because he waves at people, and then sometimes no one at all but the boxes of cake mix. I always turn around and look though, and get tickled, to occasionally find people playing peek-a-boo with him.

What I love most, is when we hear him talking after his nap, which is so sweet, and go into check on him. He always greets us with a smile and sometimes he will break out into a big wave.

He knows we love it and that he can get a smile out of us every time.

He's got the grasping wave/hello figured out.

But really! A friendly baby is a force of nature that no one can withstand. You must stand on your head and act like a fool because that is the way God intended it.

Do you smile and wave or do you make a fool of yourself in a store for a waving baby?