Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stock Market

Tyler got to visit his first livestock auction. I think he got more attention than the finest steer at this place. I had not been to one in years so I was excited to see how he would take to the auctioneer and the cows.

He loved it! It was exciting and he got the best of both worlds animals and chatter. He was in sensory overload for just a minute and then he locked into the action.

He clapped and would look at the old men sitting by us and give them the biggest grin. He had more teeth than some of these guys and they just thought Tyler was great. Mema and Paw were so proud that he was so excited about the whole thing they can't wait to take him in the fall.

After dropping off our cattle we had to wait in the truck because it was pouring the rain, we did not have an umbrella, and we were parked pretty far away. Tyler got to play in the front seat while we waited.

Paw was doing sound effects for him. Tyler just wanted to chew on the steering wheel more than pretend drive.
The cows brought decent and Tyler has a new experience under his belt. I hope that he grows to love cattle as much as his Paw because there is plenty of farming to be done.

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