Monday, August 23, 2010

My Little Red Neck

Since we are smack dab in the middle of a heat wave I have thought nothing of jeans, jackets, or any other sort of thing to put Tyler in. His outfits consist of loose cotton onsies and short outfits that will keep him cool.

As I was digging through his closet I found his Carhart overhauls and saw that they were a size 6 month. I panicked. They were too cute, and I just knew he would not fit in them this fall so I snapped into action and set up yet again another photo shoot.

Things did not go very well half way through...

I gave him his deer, Roscoe, for entertainment.

He likes the camera and it is hard to divert his attention sometimes.

Then he found his hat and tried to pull it. That is about the time he fell backwards. I was lying on my stomach and could not catch him.

He was alright for 10 seconds then he decided to cry.

Then he fussed at me, but darn it he is so cute, I just had to take pictures. Look at that little lip and crinkled nose.

Don't worry I picked him up and gave him a big hug and made everything okay...once he blocked my lens telling me no more mommy.

Luckily he is very forgiving and he agreed the couch would be fine to continue. Cause it is pretty soft.

But he enjoyed being with daddy even more. Especially when he tickles him and makes funny noises.

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