Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Casualty

This is gross and I apologize now.

Tucker is systematically docking all his chew toy's tails. Luckily he is doing this now before Tyler can crawl, or else Tyler might have reached this poor little tail and chewed on it as well.

See this was a close call. He wanted it so bad too.

The green tail belongs to a toy just like these guys. I knew immediately what it was, but it's not really a scary color.

I found Tucker's bunny rabbit tail a few nights ago. It was the same color as Tucker and I just knew he had chewed off part of his tail or foot.

We examined Tucker and found his tail and his toes were all present. I was terrified of touching it (the tail) for fear of what it was. When I did pick it up it was damp and resembled a small mouse or furry poop, gross. Then I saw the rabbit just to the right of it. It matched her perfectly, and then I saw that her tail was missing.

Sorry bunny, it could not be saved.

A note to Tucker: Please, mommy is begging you, finish off all the tails and get this out of your system before Tyler gets to crawling. Mommy will hurl if I find my boy chewing on your leftovers.

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