Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pickin Apples and Partying Part II

The party continued after the hay ride under a large shed that had tractors under it. Tyler loved playing with the steering wheel. He loves any steering wheel but he loved this one especially.

Then he found the gear shifter.

I think he looks pretty natural on one of these.

Then we went exploring. We found scarecrows.

Fall decorations

More tractors!

Face cutouts. Behind us is a small corn maze for the kids. I did not know this at the time.

Look at my little pumpkin, how sweet.

Pickin Apples and Partying Part I

Fall is upon us and I love it! The colors, cool crisp air, corn mazes, and football. We went to a friend's birthday party for their little girl over the weekend. She was turning one and had her party at a local orchard, called Stepp's Hillcrest Orchard in Hendersonville, NC. We got to do a hay ride, well part of one because we were running late, and pick our own apples. Tyler just pulled leaves but it was still fun.

Note to Kari: You did an amazing job girl and it was a lot of fun. We need to go back and get more apples together real soon.

Dad tried to show him how to pick, but he just kept finding leaves.

So we tried again but as you can see the other hand has found more leaves.

He thought it was great to hold the apples though.

And then he wanted to try and eat one but he only has 2 teeth.

So he just carried it on the hay ride and to the party site.

He loved the ride, and look it is the Birthday girl over his shoulder.

(The pictures were taken on the wrong setting and I did not realize until it was too late, sorry it is what it is)

Friday, August 27, 2010

One of Many Firsts

This is not his first time in the grass, but he reacts about the same every time.

He looks all around and then runs his fingers through it.

Tries to grab it and he sometimes manages to get a handful.

He closes his toes and moves his legs.

He just loves being outside, and he loves the grass. He is such a little sweetheart.

I can't wait to see all his other firsts and new experiences.

My Desktop

Look at those little knees! Oh how I love his little knees!

This is on my desktop. It looks like he is reaching for me. Look at those eyes!

Oh look at his sweet happy face. I just died.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Casualty

This is gross and I apologize now.

Tucker is systematically docking all his chew toy's tails. Luckily he is doing this now before Tyler can crawl, or else Tyler might have reached this poor little tail and chewed on it as well.

See this was a close call. He wanted it so bad too.

The green tail belongs to a toy just like these guys. I knew immediately what it was, but it's not really a scary color.

I found Tucker's bunny rabbit tail a few nights ago. It was the same color as Tucker and I just knew he had chewed off part of his tail or foot.

We examined Tucker and found his tail and his toes were all present. I was terrified of touching it (the tail) for fear of what it was. When I did pick it up it was damp and resembled a small mouse or furry poop, gross. Then I saw the rabbit just to the right of it. It matched her perfectly, and then I saw that her tail was missing.

Sorry bunny, it could not be saved.

A note to Tucker: Please, mommy is begging you, finish off all the tails and get this out of your system before Tyler gets to crawling. Mommy will hurl if I find my boy chewing on your leftovers.

Crawling & Exploring - Part II

Looky, here is Tucker getting in on the picture taking action...

Oh my, what is this...

It's your tail! This is where mom dropped the camera so I wouldn't gnaw on your tail Tucker.

Oh man, come back. I won't bite...hard...I only have 2 teeth!

Crawling & Exploring - Part I

Mom has my colorful keys...

Calculating distance and effort...

I can do this...all I have to do...

But gee my noggin is heavy...

Oh, arms need a break...

Well I don't really need those keys. I will just take a break and watch mom crawl around.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Playing in his room. Times like these it makes me so thankful for all that God has given me.

Look at all the toys. The boy wants for nothing.

He is the picture of a content and happy child.

Thank you God for all of your blessings.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hands Down

This was so much fun to do.

Once I got over the initial shock of him painting himself. It was quite fun.

Tyler enjoyed checking out the mess he was making.

Then he met my eyes with an approving let's do this again.

I can't wait to pull out more colors and do this for a longer time, but it was so close to his bedtime.

It was fun.

It was messy.

And it was worth it.

Not perfect but it has it's own form of beauty.

Just Try It...Please

Tyler is getting to try an assortment of vegetables and fruits. So far, most of it he likes but he is counting down the days till I run out of the Garden Vegetable blend. I think we end up wearing more than what ends up in his stomach.

Things can deteriorate fast. One minute he has a pristine clean bib and tray and the next it looks like a finger painting session gone really wrong.

This was the last bite and then I could not get him to open his mouth to more.

Luckily Memaw had bought some yummy blue berries and I had grapes to top off this not so pleasant meal. All I ask is that he try and then we can move on to more appetizing things.