Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tyler and Tucker Proximity Session

Both Tony and I are trying to get Tyler and Tucker used to each other. Tyler will be crawling soon and we want him to know how to play with Tucker. Tucker is a little skittish around Tyler and we want to make sure he doesn't snap at Tyler.

Last night we tried a proximity session just so they can get used to each other. Tyler just wanted to ham it up for the camera and could barely sit up for concentrating on me, and Tucker wanted nothing more than to run and hide from us all for putting him through such stress. Below is a quick preview into how this all played out.

What we learned so far... our son loves having his picture taken and could care less that his doggy is within reach. Tucker would rather watch Tyler from afar than be so close. Dad can juggle. Mom was no help at all with this process. Hopefully we will see improvements in the coming weeks.

Session closed.

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