Monday, July 26, 2010


Last week, Tony and I went to the grocery store. There we realized that Tyler could probably start some solids. As we were debating over all of the cheese choices we turned around to find our 6 month old eating the grocery list. Luckily we were about finished because so was the list. Between the drool and gnawing there was no list to be read.

At his 6 month appointment, that week, I still asked the doctor if it was okay to start him on the little Gerber Puffs. He said it was just fine. I did not mention the grocery list because I want to remain the picture of perfection in front of our pediatrician.

I was still surprised to see how hard it was for Tyler to get the hang of the chew then swallow action. The grocery list posed no problem for him but below I took pictures of his first experiences with puffs.

Notice the tray is gone. I needed to know I could get him out in a hurry if this went south.

"Yummy mom! Can I have another?"

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