Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My little Guy

Tyler and Tucker playing in the floor together.

So here is my little guy Tyler and sweet little pup Tucker. I am such a proud momma. Tyler is actually sitting and trying his hardest to get a hold of Tucker. Tucker is now approaching and actually trying to play with Tyler now. Once Tyler starts crawling things will certainly get interesting for Tuck.

My mother had a sweet little mini poodle named Puddles that adored me when I was brought home. I don't have any memories of Puddles but she was a sweet heart. My mother would take him for walks in the afternoon while she was pregnant with me. When my mom and dad brought me home Puddles would try to get in the bassinet with me so she could give me kisses.

This treatment is the opposite that Tyler has received from Tucker. The crying, smelly, noise making bundle that we brought home was not what he wanted at all. So much so he developed a raw hot spot on his shoulder a week into Tyler's arrival home. We took him to the vet and learned that Yorkie's are very sensitive to change in the family and this new baby stressed him out.

After a few days of antibiotics, pain killers, and having to wear a shirt to protect the shoulder from further irritation, our little pup was feeling better, and now he is finding that Tyler is really not that bad after all. So much so that he is actually starting to sleep in Tyler's room at night. It is so sweet knowing that he actually wants to be in the same room with Tyler I look forward to what my little ones are going to get into together!

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