Monday, July 12, 2010

A Day in the Life of Tyler

Looking adorable for church. Have to beat all the ladies off. They want to pinch my cheeks!

Nap time then playing in the crib. Mom is never very far, she misses my face so much during nap time. I have too many toys to choose, I love being spoiled!

I like having mom around, she does my laundry for me. Look you can see my mobile! She says it looks like a baked potato more than a football.

Supper, the jury is still out on the carrots. Mom had bad aim and I blew them up my nose.
Dad thought it was funny though.

Bath time is the best, and the toys feel great on the sore gums. Love my fish it looks like Dory!

Bedtime. Please do not disturb or my guard doggy will bite your ankles.

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