Monday, July 19, 2010

Coming Together

So we have been working on Tyler and Tucker getting used to each other. Past attempts have been less than successful. We had a terrible storm Saturday afternoon after we got home from the craft fair. Tucker is terrified of thunder so he was running from my lap to Tony's. Tyler got tired of sitting in the floor and playing around this time too. I needed a solution because I was tripping on one and needed my hands free to fold clothes. I could not do this all day.
Yes they are in the crib together and both are pretty calm. Tyler is entertained and Tucker has company.
Things are going pretty well. Look how sweet. Tucker is letting him pet him too.

Oh dear... Tucker is going to let him chew on him too. No I didn't let him taste the doggy although I think Tucker would have let him.

Tucker is still pretty chill about this whole situation so far.

But I didn't want to push it.
A boy and his dog. I think I am going to cry cause they are just so sweet together. Sniff, I love my boys.

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