Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pretty Please?

Tucker is trying to get on Tyler's good side to play with his toys. The ball in Tyler's lap makes a jingling noise and Tucker has had his eye on it. I guess he thought some sugar might allow him to get it. Tyler did not find a wet ear too enjoyable though. I love my boys.

Sitting Pretty

He sits so well that I take for granted his balance when he gets excited. The excitement wiggle starts at his toes and works up to his little noggin. In the process he loses his balance and you never know whether he will catch himself or topple over.

Before the wiggle starts ......

After ......
He didn't cry but he was a little confused as to why I was not there to catch him. "Here is the proof honey, I was taking your picture."

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not There Yet

We are so close to crawling. Any day now he will be able to crawl up to me and swat the camera out of my hands. Poor guy probably finds the flash a tad distracting while trying to army crawl.

"If only I could reach!"

Monday, July 26, 2010

Chew Time in the Pool

No he is not choking, and yes he does this on a regular basis.

No water in the pool right now but that doesn't matter, he likes the toys just as much.

I think he does this because he is a multi-tasker. He can chew and play at the same time.


Last week, Tony and I went to the grocery store. There we realized that Tyler could probably start some solids. As we were debating over all of the cheese choices we turned around to find our 6 month old eating the grocery list. Luckily we were about finished because so was the list. Between the drool and gnawing there was no list to be read.

At his 6 month appointment, that week, I still asked the doctor if it was okay to start him on the little Gerber Puffs. He said it was just fine. I did not mention the grocery list because I want to remain the picture of perfection in front of our pediatrician.

I was still surprised to see how hard it was for Tyler to get the hang of the chew then swallow action. The grocery list posed no problem for him but below I took pictures of his first experiences with puffs.

Notice the tray is gone. I needed to know I could get him out in a hurry if this went south.

"Yummy mom! Can I have another?"

Friday, July 23, 2010

Car Seat

All in all we have a very happy little guy. His patience can wear a little thin with car rides but for the most part he is content as long as he has his toys. When I walk around and open the door to get him out he almost always has the sweetest little smiles for me and occasionally he is still asleep.

I had only his feet covered and he managed to cover himself completely. He woke up this happy.

Once again he woke up happy. He still looks a little out of it here.

He fell asleep playing with his red bird.

He woke up, saw himself in the mirror on the seat and went into a laughing smiling fit.

What a little sweetheart.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cute Kid

I know I am slightly biased but I have the cutest kid in the world. I would love to know what is going on in his head right now. What would he say to me if he could talk?

Gosh I love him!

If you look closely you can see his bottom teeth poking through.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Coming Together

So we have been working on Tyler and Tucker getting used to each other. Past attempts have been less than successful. We had a terrible storm Saturday afternoon after we got home from the craft fair. Tucker is terrified of thunder so he was running from my lap to Tony's. Tyler got tired of sitting in the floor and playing around this time too. I needed a solution because I was tripping on one and needed my hands free to fold clothes. I could not do this all day.
Yes they are in the crib together and both are pretty calm. Tyler is entertained and Tucker has company.
Things are going pretty well. Look how sweet. Tucker is letting him pet him too.

Oh dear... Tucker is going to let him chew on him too. No I didn't let him taste the doggy although I think Tucker would have let him.

Tucker is still pretty chill about this whole situation so far.

But I didn't want to push it.
A boy and his dog. I think I am going to cry cause they are just so sweet together. Sniff, I love my boys.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Butterfly Hunter

So I said that my boy would not chase butterflies, well looking through my pictures I kinda stand corrected. Well kinda.

He is definitely checking it out. It was very spastic so he was locked in on it.

Then it flew off and my little ham saw that the camera was pointed at him.

It came back.

This is what I did not see coming. I was trying so hard to get him close enough to the butterfly I forgot about any other casualties. That being mom's beautiful flower.

So we did chase butterflies after all. We just didn't catch one.

How I Love This Child

I want to wake up this happy.

I just love baby stretches.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tyler and Tucker Proximity Session

Both Tony and I are trying to get Tyler and Tucker used to each other. Tyler will be crawling soon and we want him to know how to play with Tucker. Tucker is a little skittish around Tyler and we want to make sure he doesn't snap at Tyler.

Last night we tried a proximity session just so they can get used to each other. Tyler just wanted to ham it up for the camera and could barely sit up for concentrating on me, and Tucker wanted nothing more than to run and hide from us all for putting him through such stress. Below is a quick preview into how this all played out.

What we learned so far... our son loves having his picture taken and could care less that his doggy is within reach. Tucker would rather watch Tyler from afar than be so close. Dad can juggle. Mom was no help at all with this process. Hopefully we will see improvements in the coming weeks.

Session closed.